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STANDARDS For Phase-Change and Liquid Crystal Thermometers

Phase Change and liquid crystal thermometers don't gain much noteriety, but they are used in many industrial and commercial applications from R&D to spot checking post welding temperatures. However no standards have yet been developed for those and the myriad of maintenance uses they have. The area where standards have been developed for such unique devices is where they are used to measure the temperature of human beings. The standards we know the best are those published by ASTM. We shall be searching the Web and the Net for more details. If you can add to this page, just email your information and we will include it as we are able to verify and edit the page.

ASTM Standards Related to Temperature and Calibration:

E 1594-99 Standard Guide for the Expression of Temperature

E 344-01a...Terminology Relating to Thermometry and Hygrometry

E 563-97 Standard Practice for Preparation and Use of Freezing Point Reference Baths

E 1502-98 Standard Guide for the Use of Freezing Point Cells for Reference Temperatures

E1750-02 Standard Guide for Use of Water Triple Point Cells

ASTM Standards Related to Phase-Change and Liquid Crystal Thermometers

E825-98 Standard Specification for Phase Change-Type Disposable Fever Thermometer for Intermittent Determination of Human Temperature

E1061-01 Standard Specification for Direct-Reading Liquid Crystal Forehead Thermometers

E1299-96(2002) Standard Specification for Reusable Phase-Change-Type Fever Thermometer for Intermittent Determination of Human Temperature

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