Thermography Training

Training Program Providers For (IR) Thermographers The practice of Infrared Thermography has been recognized by The American Society for Non-destructive Testing, ASNT. They have defined skill levels, written a Handbook, administer skills testing and certify several skill levels of practitioners. The actual training and refresher skills programs are provided by private training organizations. Some offer their own certifications, but the ones that appear to count to the companies that most utilize them are the ones that prepare individuals for the ASNT exams in the USA. Listed below are most, if not all, of the companies that offer training programs in … Continue reading

Thermography Resources:

Organizations & Meetings Some of the organizations and meetings shown below are run by training companies and one, the Annual Thermosense Conference, is a technical conferences for thermographers and others involved in R&D, Equipment Development, Process applications and other uses in both Imaging and Sensing via infrared means. This latter meeting usually runs for 3 1/2 days in the Spring, rotating between Orlando Florida, Baltimore, Maryland and Anaheim, California. It is held in conjunction with a large equipment exhibition and several high tech conferences, all under the banner of a SPIE (The International Society for Optical Engineering) meeting. African Thermograpy … Continue reading

Temperature Measurement with your Computer

One of the best of our favorite resources on the Web is a software company on Manchester, England, Windmill Software. They have supplied free PC software for Test & Measurement to all who wish to download it from their website:, Windmill has for many years also published a free monthly informative eNewsletter called Monitor newsletter (ISSN 1472-0221); archive and subscription available online at At last look it was up to issue No, 224! Here’s links to one of the extra specials they have done on the subject of temperature measurement Measuring Temperature with a Computer Comparison of Thermocouples … Continue reading

“Temperature units and temperature unit conversion”

A Useful Blog Post From Online — Beamex have also developed a Temperature Unit Converter and have placed it on their web site, Click the link below to visit it: The page covers most of the same topics that we do here, but with a slightly different perspective, especially the topic of the the Reamur temperature scale. The topics covered are: What is temperature? International temperature scales Temperature Units Conversions between temperature units TEMPERATURE UNIT CONVERTER Beamex temperature calibration products Links to Recent Posts on the Beamex Blog Weighing scale calibration – How to calibrate weighing instruments How to … Continue reading

Temperature Meters

Contact temperature meter devices including Temperature meters with probes Cole-Parmer offers Digital thermometers (digital indicators) to quickly verify temperatures of foods, liquids, baths, air/gas, incubators, refrigerators and freezers. Omega’s Handheld Instruments for Temperature Measurement cover a wide range of sizes and types. PCE Instruments offers temperature meter products that include handheld Infrared Thermometers in addition to contact temperature sensors. Rees Scientific provides automated continuous monitoring to a limitless number of applications from Pharmaceutical to Blood Banking, Laboratory Animal Research to Biotech and Hospitals. … Continue reading

Cyclops™ Infrared Thermometers-Update

An Update on the Handheld IR Thermometer line that took over from DFPs* The NEW Land Cyclops L family of high quality portable non-contact radiation thermometers provides spot temperature measurement with incredible accuracy and reliability. The Cyclops product line is still going strong after nearly 30 years! Features such as a precision view of the measurement target spot with simultaneous digital display of temperature in the viewfinder, choice of operating and calculating modes, digital output and out of range alarms are provided as standard. The Cyclops L family of non-contact portable thermometers introduce several new features to this instrument “dynasty”. … Continue reading

How does a (Noren) heat pipe work?

A “How They Work” Resource from Noren Products Online  —  A heat pipe consists of a sealed aluminum or copper container whose inner surfaces have a capillary wicking material. Inside the container is a liquid (usually alcohol) under its own pressure, and enters the pores of the capillary material, wetting all internal surfaces. Applying heat at any point along the surface of the heat pipe causes the liquid at that point to boil and enter a vapor state.When that happens, the gas picks up the latent heat of the vaporization. The gas, which then has a higher pressure, moves inside … Continue reading

National Physical Laboratory Video Presentations on Temperature Measurements

  New references for high temperature measurements As a culmination of an eight-year research programme an international collaboration has developed robust reference fixed points, studied their sensitivity to impurities and external conditions and finally measured their melting transition temperature. This talk describes how 100+ measurements made by nine different NMIs have been combined to assign low-uncertainty thermodynamic temperatures to the melting transition of Re-C, Pt-C and Co-C metal-carbon eutectics. At the simplest level, these fixed-points will provide new temperature references for the calibration of pyrometers at temperatures above the freezing point of silver (1234.93 K) and will thus reduce the … Continue reading

Humidity & Moisture Measurement Webinars

On-Demand from Kahn Instruments: An Introduction to Humidity and Moisture Measurement click here Humidity Measurement Using Chilled Mirror Technology click here Don’t Sweat Moisture Measurement: 10 Easy Solutions click here About Kahn Hygrometers To measure the moisture content of gases passing through its adsorptive systems, Kahn developed an electrolytic hygrometer in the early 1960’s. Incorporating the latest technologies, this product line has been continuously expanded and today includes a wide range of moisture measurement instrumentation equipped with ceramic, aluminum oxide and chilled mirror optical moisture sensors. A common application for the Kahn portable hygrometer is remote monitoring of the water … Continue reading

US National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI).

Finding Data by Category Online — The demand for high-value environmental data and information has dramatically increased in recent years. To improve their ability to meet that demand, the USA’s former three NOAA data centers The National Climatic Data Center, The National Geophysical Data Center, and The National Oceanographic Data Center, which includes the National Coastal Data Development Center, have merged into the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI – NCEI is responsible for hosting and providing access to one of the most significant archives on Earth, with comprehensive oceanic, atmospheric, and geophysical data. From the depths of the ocean to the … Continue reading