About Temperature & Moisture Sensors – A Guide

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Temperature is one of the most measured parameters in Industry, Science & Commerce. Thoughtful selection & installation are critical to successful measurements.

Moisture measurement began with the measurement of Dewpoint Temperature. Measuring moisture content in gases uses other sensors in addition to wet & dry bulb thermometers.

Contact Temperature Sensors

Noncontact Temperature Sensors

Moisture Sensors

This is a unique, free internet information website, since 1997, aimed directly at Engineers, Scientists, Technicians and Students to help them learn about temperature & moisture sensors and how to use them effectively.

More specifically, it is to help them use such sensors best in applications (apps), to enable them to easily find sensor technical and application details and to  communicate better with vendors.


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  1. I’m searching for suppliers of a fiber optic temperature sensing system suitable for an oil and gas downhole well in an environment as high as 1300 degrees C.
    Thank you

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