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Below are some useful, interesting and unusual links on the web related to temperature sensors. Some of these links are cataloged on other pages within the site but appear exceptionally useful and are repeated here. Some other interesting and different sites, all related to temperature sensors or measurement but that could not be cataloged on our other pages, are also listed below.  You could say this is a potpourri page that doesn't have any odor (we hope!). Also listed below is a link to a search engine which we find very good. Enjoy and feedback, please. Use Google to search our site or the Web if you can't find what you seek here-----.-->

Search for sites not yet listed using Google.
Google Web Site
  Experts in surface, grain and crystal analyses of steels, coated steels, processed steels and many related materials to hrlp you solve production problems

Visit the temperature directory web site with descriptions and links to more than 195 technical parer links online and extensive vendor directories based at:


ASTM's Committee on Temperature
(The American Society for Testing and Materials) There are several subcommittees that comprise the Temperature Committee. They specialize in, develop voluntary standards for, and promote awareness of the standards through various activities and publications. For instance, Subcommittee, E20.04 on Thermocouple Thermometry, developed the ASTM Manual on The Use of Thermocouples that is in its fourth edition. Subcommittees E20.02 (Radiation Thermometery) and E20.05 (Resistance Thermometry) have similar manuals related to their special sensors under development. Subcommittee E20.02 also has conducted two small symposia at NIST headquarters, one of which resulted in an ASTM Special Technical Publication on "Applications of Radiation Thermomeetry". The Temperature Committee meets twice a year at varying locations around the USA. Every meeting includes at least one presentation of new measurement technology and related topics. Consult the website for more details, meetings schedules and contact information. HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
Community resource for industrial automation, process control, factory automation,instrumentation engineers and other technical professionals. Has news, articles, product information, application and productivity tools, solutions, job postings, product classifieds, directory of manufacturers and system integrators, career information, technical discussion forums, and calendar of events.

AIAG-The Automotive Industry Action HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
Founded in 1982, AIAG is headquartered in Southfield, Mich. Its more than 1,600 member companies include North American, European and Asia-Pacific OEMs and suppliers to the automotive industry with combined annual sales of more than $850 billion. A not-for-profit association, AIAG's primary goals are to reduce cost and complexity within the automotive supply chain and to improve speed-to-market, product quality, employee health-and-safety and the environment.

Books for Engineers
Books and e-books about process measurement and control and other engineering topics.

A listing of interesting historic thermometer facts courtesy of Philadelphia Instruments and Controls, Inc. .

The Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (EEVL) HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
The UK gateway to engineering resources on the internet for the higher academic and research community.

Eng-Tips: Internet Forums For HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
The cutting-edge forums that fosters dialogue among professionals on work-related topics in a non-commercial environment. Huge threaded discussions!!! Highly recommended.

EVITherM- The European Virtual Institute for Thermal Metrology HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
An authoritative website providing quick and easy access to temperature and thermophysical properties information and expertise, focused on primarily supporting the thermal technology needs of European industry.

Feedback and Temperature Control
Introduction to the effects of feedback using a PID temperature controller as a case study. An interactive simulation is provided.

Food safety
A Federal Government/Private Sector Partnership Web Site-(has more than a passing relationship to temperature measurement and temperature sensors)

ISA and Its Directory of HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
(The Instrument Society of America) The whole world of Instruments and Controls, with books, forums,training courses, links to National and International meetings and links to websites at the heart of the Society, the individual member sections scattered throughout the USA and the World!

NIST's Calibration Service Users Guide
The National Institute for Standards and Technology, an agency of the United States Government that is the USA's National Metrology Institue and custodian of temperature standards, among other things.

The Association of Energy Engineers
An 8000 member strong group that is concerned with electrical energy efficiency from power generation to its use in lighting and HVAC. Lots of good links to certification groups, instructional/education support and meeting of interest.

The National Conference of Standards Laboratories International (NSCLI) HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
Another very special technical-professional Society aimed at providing a set of resources and community features to the diverse group that comprise the calibration specialists of the world. The NASCLI Directory of Calibration Laboratories and annual meetings and not widely known, nor are their Standards and Recommended Practices. But they are gems to the metrologist and anyone serious about making realistic measurements of every kind.

Anter Corporation(USA)
Makes instruments and provides in-house testing services for measuring the thermal properties of materials, such as thermal expansion, thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity. The website provides a compliation of data sheets, brochures, and descriptions of thermophysical properties measuring instruments produced.

Combustion HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
From Canada, a unique resource for all serious combustion engineering research engineers and scientists. They also have an e-Newsletter, COMBUSTION-NEWS, to keep their community updated on the world of combustion and related energy and environmental issues.

The International Frequency Sensor Association(IFSA)
A very large website with all kinds of sensor information.

National Electrical Code Internet Connection (USA)
A major support site for those interested in the US National Electrical Code or training for the Code exams including articles, books and much more.

NIR Moisture Sensors, Moisture Gauges, Moisture Analyzers
Process Sensors Corporation (PSC) is a leading manufacturer of moisture gauges and sensors, providing worldwide industries, accurate and reliable moisture measurements for quality control in manufacturing processes.

The USA's National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
The physical sciences information gateway of the UK's Resource Discovery Network (RDN), providing access to high quality Internet science resources in the following areas: astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, aspects of materials science, and science history and policy.

ReliabilityWeb (USA)
A unique resource for those involved and interested in maintenance management, condition monitoring and techniques & strategies, Total Productive Maintenance including predictive methods. Includes info and resources on vibration testing, lubricant analysis, infrared thermal imaging and other technologies. Has forums on many topics, Tutorials, a free Newsletter, Buyer's Guide, Shopping Service, Online training courses plus a large professional following. HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
in the UK, 'The on-line web site to help engineers learn about and source Sensors and Data Systems'

Pressure Transducer, Proximity Sensor and Flow Sensors
Pressure Transducer and Proximity Sensor - Machine Design offers engineers information they need for a pressure transducer, proximity sensor, pressure sensor or flow sensors.
The first Search Engine dedicated to the Steel Industry and its suppliers-includes a list of Instrumentation & Control vendors. HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
TubeNet: The Web Site for Tube & Pipe Industries
A huge site dedicated to all aspects of this one industry that, it turns out, is not just one, but many sub-industries, such as the companies that manufacture tubing & pipe of all kinds, each material being a different industry and the equipment and supplies companies that service the industries. Quite a unique and well-done web site.

(The) Handbook of Chemistry & Physics
The original from CPC Publishing-with a free trial offer that is hard to refuse if you are just curious or absolutely need to know some critical scientific fact or constant right now.

Heat Transfer & Analysis Resources HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
One of the original heat transfer sites on the web with lots of links, downloads and more.

High Temperatures- High Pressures
A refereed journal that specializes in the topics described by its name. Has long been a source of excellent papers on high temperature topics in radiation thermometery- a publication of Pion, Ltd , London-UK.

(The) Silent PC or Noiseless, Intelligent PCs
Noise from PCs have been taken as a fact of life by most, but Tomas Risberg in Sweden knows that the sources are those fans and drives that make excessive noise. Most do, he shows, because there is a close relation between heat dissipation, temperature and PC acoustic noise emissions that can be easily overcome by better engineering and cooling methods. A most detailed, well documented and interesting web site! What's more he shows how application of temperature sensors can help!

Fante's Kitchen Works (Philadelphia, PA-USA-In the heart of The Italian Market!)
For all kinds of Cooking, Candy, Jelly, Freezer & Fridge, Frothing and Fork about the most interesting and extensive web site on kitchen accessories we have ever seen. If you are in Philly, a must visit! (A frothing thermometer, by the way is used to gauge the correct temperature in frothing of the milk for Cappuccino)
(We've had this site listed for quite a while, but only recently went to it both on the web and in person and took a good look. For anyone interested in cooking, candy making, jelly making or just plain interested in tools for preparing food-this is a must see site!)

Z Cooking
A great online source for a world of cooking information. (USA)
(For people who measure physical dimensions of length, width and height)Quality Gaging Products, Quality Service.

Courtesy of Belfort Instruments.. Metrological terms including many related to temperature and moisture measurement

Courtesy Omega Engineering's Tech Reference section-Not everyone will agree with every term and some seem to be missing (e.g. accuracy, a term most metrologists do not use and most users misuse is there in place of the more technically correct 'uncertainty', the term that one will find on a traceable calibration certificate from a competent source) . However, most of the terms used in instrumentation and measurement are listed and it is more than a good place to look for a definition of terms used in temperature sensors and measurement as well as terms used with other measurement devices!

Gordon Instrument Labs
Repairers of Temperature sensors-it's worth a look just for the pictures!

Still Waiting For Greenhouse
A lukewarm view of Global Warming from John Daley in Tasmania!

The USA's Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming Site
The Official US Government site on the subject of Global Warming.

The Rest of The Story
From Carnegie-Mellon University a perspective on the issue of global warming and what's really important.

HotVsNot HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A neat Web Directory that has some of best web sites in many topic areas listed...especially in the Science area.

A different look at temperature. HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A neat Temperature Portal website in Germany with technical information on ITS-90, sensors, links and calibration resources run by Frank Elsenbach. (German only):
Im Rahmen meiner langjährigen Tätigkeit im Kalibrierlabor der Firma Reckmann GmbH stieß ich immer wieder auf das Problem gezielt Informationen zu täglich ergebenden Fragestellungen zu finden oder sah mich in der Anforderung unseren Kunden in Fragen der Kalibrierung, Temperaturmesstechnik oder fachlichem KnowHow zur Verfügung zu stehen. Gewisse Fragen tauchten immer wieder in ähnlicher Art und Weise auf und forderten aufs Neue Zeit und Aufwand im Tagesgeschäft, wodurch oft andere Arbeiten verzögert wurden.

All Things Spiny HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A PC Thermometer based on a thermistor sensor, free Windows Software to run it and much more, including great photos of an English Bluebell Woods in the Spring (great beauty if you've never experienced it.). Kudos to Alan (Spiny) Norman for a Cool Site.

Argot Library
Argot Library is designed to help K-8 teachers incorporate information and communication technologies into learning and teaching units in all areas of the curriculum. It is provided as a free service to educators. It is an independent, non profit, educational project funded by individual contributions.

The Celsius Temperature Scale
About the most widely used temperature scale in the world and its founder, Anders Celsius (Note: a very similar scale, the Centigrade Scale, dominated the world until 1968, when the new scale came about due to a revision in the fundamental reference point for the AbsoluteTemperature Scale was changed from the freezing point of water to the triple point of water; a difference of only 0.01 Degrees C. It was enough of a change to warrant a new name for the temperatures measured more commonly in science, industry and commerce).

The Globe HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A unique science education site that features interesting aspects of global temperatures, teaching aids and much more. from the USA agency NOAA.

Casad Company
Kitchen thermometers

Catalina Technologies Inc.Catalog

Chemical Engineering Links HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A Chemical Engineering Web Site consisting of many links categorized in the following areas: Basics, Directories, Education, Health, Safety, and Environment, Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics, Journals and Magazines, Organizations and Societies, Pharmaceutical, Process Measurement and Control, Pulp and Paper, Separation, Services and Software.

Chip Processing by Chip Systems International, (CSI)(USA)
CSI offers Chip Processing System - a standard design metal chip system that can be scaled up to satisfy any throughput requirement.

CliniSense (USA)
CliniSense has developed a programmable electronic time-temperature indicator (eTTI) with a simple "+" / "-" visual output.  This indicator can be preprogrammed or instantly customized to match the particular time-temperature decay profile of nearly any perishable material. 

Douglas Engineering
Manufacturer of hermetic feedthrough connectors and harness in thermocouple alloys.

Dynamic -aqua.. thermometers

A great source for bargain instruments, antique instruments and low cost books and manuals.. but buyer be careful. HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A wide-ranging source for new product news in the temperature sensor area especially. Run by Chris Rand in the UK.

Manufacturers and vendors take note and email them your news releases on new products and applications!

A community and engineering resource to end all resources. Nicely organized and executed!

Fahrenheit's and Olaus Roemer's Thermometers
From the Rutgers University web.

Fascinating Electronics, Inc.(USA)
Specializes in electronic kits that link computers to the physical world-includes kits for adding temperature sensors and entire weather stations to your PC.

The Gemmary HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A unique source of antique scientific instruments and books.

Glas-Col... Controls/Instruments Index

How Things Work Home Page

Hans G. Wetzel
Barometer and Thermometer collector.

HB Instruments/HBE International - Science Instruments...

Hukseflux Thermal Sensors
Supply a special kind of heat flux sensor (radiometer) for the measurement of heat flux Delft (The Netherlands).

INSTRUMENT ENGINEERS WEBSITE(India) HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
This web site has been created to help all Instrument engineers to view contact and correspond with Instrument vendors and to know the technical details of the instrumentation world. This site was developed by L.N.Ramachandran, who is an Instrument Engineer, Graduated from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India and has been serving the world of Instrumentation for the past 2 1/2 decades. Suggestions are welcome to improve the site.

King's scientific instruments supply

The Learning HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A must visit site for PLC and Ladder Logic Simulators, Programmable Software Simulations, Course Materials, Curriculum and Support For Trades and Technology Training.

Lytron (USA)
Lytron, founded in 1958 delivers high-quality thermal management solutions. They invest heavily in engineering resources to provide efficient, reliable liquid cooling components and systems.
A 24 hour source for MAXIMO and seemingly endless sources of maintenance information.

Max-Min thermometer, 

A gardening resource with wireless thermometers!


Nerd Links (Gaea Corp's) HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A unique directory with links to all the things that Nerds like, such as science, math, philosophy and games, including, of course, a link to our very own site that you (a Nerd?) are browsing. So, if you wish to find more sites like the one that you are on, take a look at this unique place on the web--be aware, it is really minimalist.

OEM Technology HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A unique Website dedicated to bringing the needs of engineering, product development, production & assembly managers at Original Equipment Manufacturers of electronic and sensor-based products together. It operates more than 79 unique websites called the Technology Data Exchange. Worth a look or two!

Ovulation Thermometery

Plant study.htm

Process Index A site to help find more thermometers and related process instrumentation items

The Read-Out Instrumentation Signpost
Measurement, Control and Automation Resources throughout the World

Rudy Rudolph, Temperature Consultant
A new web site contains a brief but excellent summary on just what emissivity is in terms that the average technical person can understand. He even gives some very practical advice on how to get a quick estimate of the emissivity value if you do not have a clue. Please remember, you must measure carefully and because we have no control over how careful you are or how well you follow his advice, any errors you encounter are your responsibility not Rudy's or ours. Things are not always as easy nor as simple as some brief suggestions may imply.

SEI Laboratory Glassware

Sensor Research Consulting, Inc.(USA)
Scientific consulting,new sensor product development, R&D and new applications in physical sensors and physical measurements. Located in Basking Ridge, NJ.

Thermicator Corp.For food temperature

Thermometer module
Badgers do it again!

For Pools

Thermometers for Pets
For Pets

The Thermometer Sound Surface Homepage

For electronic hobbyists

THERMOMETER Watch-Promotional
From a maker of custom watchs as marketing promotional items! These unique thermoter gift watches feature an integrated thermometer, silver plated stainless steel case, applied luminous index dial, stainless steel bracelet, 3 hand Citizen movement, 5ATM (165 ft.) water resistance or optional black plating &leather strap.

THERMOMETER Watches-Personal
from Campmor Individual watches with thermometers plus some with both thermometer and barometer.

Twin Analytical, Ltd. Independence, Ohio(USA) HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
A unique, specialized surface characterization laboratory providing both metallurgical and analytical services to the metallic coating and sheet metal processing industries. Run by a very talented (IMHO) team of former researchers at the LTV Steel Technology Center responsible for solving many sheet steel process, coatings and processing problems.

Vantage Pro Wireless Weather Station (USA)
Measures wind speed, direction, humidity, indoor and outdoor temperature and then predicts weather, wind chill and heat index values. A remote sensor array collects data and transmits wirelessly to a well-designed display unit that can be up to 400 feet away. The update time is 2.5 seconds. Solar-powered repeater units are available to extend seperation between sensors and display up to 1/2 mile.

A massive, new site for all kinds of Manufacturing Industries resources

Virtual HOT SITE award for outstanding web resource sites
An awesome engineering resources site.

Wee Care(tm) Pacifier Thermometer

World's most sensitive microcalorimeter


Thanks for visiting, and, by the way, if you know of some unique or just interesting links that you would like to share with the rest of the world, let us know and we'll put them here, if they meet some simple norms of decency and relevance. If you have a site you think should be listed or just want to be heard, use the "Add-A-Link" here or at the bottom and top of the page.

Here's some interesting Web links not necessarily related to temperature sensors:.

1 2 3 Link -
Provides business directory, search engine submission, free link exchange, banner exchange, banner advertising, banner design and web site design services.

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