Cyclops™ Infrared Thermometers-Update

An Update on the Handheld IR Thermometer line that took over from DFPs* The NEW Land Cyclops L family of high quality portable non-contact radiation thermometers provides spot temperature measurement with incredible accuracy and reliability. The Cyclops product line is still going strong after nearly 30 years! Features such as a precision view of the measurement target spot with simultaneous digital display of temperature in the viewfinder, choice of operating and calculating modes, digital output and out of range alarms are provided as standard. The Cyclops L family of non-contact portable thermometers introduce several new features to this instrument “dynasty”. … Continue reading


 With many offices throughout the world About FLIR Systems FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness. FLIR’s advanced systems and components are used for a wide variety of thermal imaging, situational awareness, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, navigation, recreation, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) threat detection. For more information, visit FLIR’s web site at and their more complete … Continue reading

Infraspection Institute

For Thermography Training, Certification of Training, Distance Learning and more… Burlington NJ, USA —  Since 1980, Infraspection Institute has provided training, certification, and support services for thousands of thermographers worldwide. They publish software, Standards, and technical articles for thermographers and NDT professionals. Their capabilities include, in addition to classroom instruction, an extensive list of online, world-wide distance learning programs (another first in Thermography), a pioneering set of Thermography Practice Standards, Exception® Software that integrates easy-to-use report generation tools with a powerful database, Expert Witness Services and much more. … Continue reading

Eye R640 17 ?m High Resolution IR Engine

Opgal’s New Infrared Imaging Sensor and Engine — The next generation 17?m micro bolometer thermal imaging engine platform is especially designed for better, smaller, cheaper integration by OEM clients who gain double the resolution. With an advanced, DSP-based platform, the engine supports a AmSi microbolometer detector of 640×480 pixels. Due to the engine’s user-friendly interface and size, it can be integrated cost effectively into small size applications, a key marketing advantage for military applications. The Eye R640 ver4 supports the most advanced motorized lenses based on continuous zoom or dual FOV and equipped with automatic focus algorithms. Key Features DSP … Continue reading

Thermography Training

For Infrared (IR) Thermographers The practice of Infrared Thermography has been recognized by The American Society for Non-destructive Testing, ASNT.They have defined skill levels, written a Handbook, administer skills testing and certify several skill levels of practitioners. The actual training and refresher skills programs are provided by private training organizations. Some offer their own certifications, but the ones that appear to count to the companies that most utilize them are the ones that prepare individuals for the ASNT exams. Listed below are most, if not all, of the companies that offer training programs in North America. If your organization belongs … Continue reading

Thermography Service Providers

Below is a list of some Thermal Imaging Services or Directories where more lists can be found. It is not complete, we know. Sorry if you were left out. If you should be listed or know of others who should be listed or if you want to improve your organization’s listing, let us know, please. Note that the Infrared training organizations are listed on a seperate page. Some of them provide classified ads for used equipment as do some of the service providers below. Also, some of the training companies do other things, like practice thermography and run information exchange/training … Continue reading

Optical Pyrometers & Vendors

How They Work And Who (Still*) Makes Them The Optical Pyrometer is a highly-developed and well accepted noncontact temperature measurement device with a long and varied past from its origins more than 100 years ago. In spite of the fact that more modern, automatic devices have nearly displaced it, several makers still produce and sell profitable quantities each year. In general, opticals, as they are often called, can be described as fitting into two seperate types, according to the two USA companies that produce them. However, there are actually several different types that vary in complexity and cost. A quick … Continue reading

Thermal Imager Vendors

And Night Vision & Related Equipment Suppliers The highlighted sites have useful technical information. They are much more than an online catalog! American Infrared (USA) Provider of low-cost infrared cameras and thermal imagers. Both new and used cameras are available for sale, rental and lease. Applied Infrared Sensing (Australia) Applied Infrared Sensing works in security and surveillance, medical, industrial and scientific markets offering a wide range of infrared CCTV and thermal imaging cameras, infrared illuminators and barriers. Avio (NEC Avio Infrared Technologies of Infrared camera & thermography.) (Japan, Japanese & English) The merged company: NEC Avio Infrared Technologies of Infrared … Continue reading

Radiation Thermometer Vendors

Infrared (IR) Radiation Thermometer Vendors Here’s a partial list of some of the vendors of Infrared Radiation Thermometers, including spot, line-measuring (Line Scanners) and area-measuring devices (Quantitative Thermal Imagers) and related services such as calibration and user training. It is incomplete, we know. It does cover most of the prominent companies involved in the market and provides at least a starting point. If you need or want to look elsewhere,there are always the various supplier directories not the least of which is Global Spec on the Web and the various directories at The ISA with its Directory of Instrumentation and … Continue reading


Contact Temperature Sensor Vendors: Thermocouples (TCs), Resistance Temperature Detectors& Platinum Resistance Thermometers, Thermistor Temperature Sensors and Current Limiters (NTC-PTC), Thermal Labels Crayons, Tags & Temperature Sensitive Paints, Suppliers of Multiple Temperature Sensor Types, Glass or Liquid-in-Glass Thermometers, Bimetal or Bimetallic Thermometers & Thermostats, Semiconductor, ICs & Diode Temperature Sensors , Thermowells, Sensor Protection Tubes , Other Kinds of Temperature Sensors Infrared Radiation Thermometers: IR Thermometers, IR and NIR Thermal Imagers, Optical Pyrometers, Blackbodies and Related Calibration Equipment, IR Thermography Services & Thermographers IR Thermographer Training Displays, Electronics & Calibration Equipment & Services: Meters, Transmitters, Temperature Controllers, Data Acquisition/Logging (DAS/DAQ), Calibration … Continue reading