The Second Lecture in  the 11 Lecture Sub-series on Temperature Measurement. It may also be viewed directly on at: and the NPTEL website at: Lecturers for these videos are Prof. Shunmugam M. S., Department of Mechanical Engineering , IIT Madras.(email: and.Prof. S.P. Venkateshan, Department of Mechanical Engineering , IIT Madras (email: […]

“The Science & Art of Temperature Measurement” The first Lecture in Module 2, on the first topic of the Mechanical Measurements and Metrology, a part of the course from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India – online at It assumes an educational level of at least first year college engineering or higher, Some […]

This six minute video by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) describes the types of mercury-containing thermometer alternatives that are currently available for use today in laboratory and industrial applications. This video and the similar ones on the EPA website ( are important adjuncts to the recently announced Calibration Policy change at NIST, […]

This six-minute video by AquaLab captures the correct way to check, verify and if necessary, adjust some ordinary thermometers using an ice bath. Most people think that it’s easier to do so at the boiling point of water, but the ice point (very nearly 0.01 ° C at all normal atmospheric pressures) is far more […]

About a unique Triple Point Cell based on Ethylene Carbonate  developed at Britain’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in a nearly 4 minute video from YouTube. It’s kind of a commercial, but a really useful one. It explains about this special calibration tool and how it can and is being used to help verify the calibration […]