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Thermography Applications

Plus Thermology and Night Vision

Rather than a litany of successful uses, the text below describes thermography broadly with highlighted links to other web sites that contain many details. There is a great deal of repetition between the other web sites but not all contain the same information. Please note that we have no control over the accuracy or completeness of the information on other sites, nor do we believe for a moment that we have linked to all available ones. However, we think this is more than a pretty good start. The specific uses of the imagers are widespread. Several major cost saving uses depend upon the temperature measurement capability of the specific imaging equipment and many industrial and commercial applications produce benefit of significant cost savings or cost avoidances.

In addition to these more pragmatic uses, there are a number of uses related to medical situations in both human and animal conditions. Some have renamed the technology to "Thermology" in these cases.

Perhaps the most recent situation is the screening that has been developed in eastern Asia, especially in Singapore, Malaysia and China, to screen travellers for liklihood of fever, an indication of possible SARS infection. Now, the focus has shifted to Asian Bird Flu in the same region. This and related equipment issues are discussed in more detail on our SARS News and SARS Sensors pages.

Also some of the CDC, WHO and other organizations' information on the SARS outbreak is discussed on our SARS page.

Thermal Imaging is a growing technology that has many uses as shown on the Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc. web site. Stockton is major service company located in North Carolina, USA. They provide a wide range of infrared thermographic services to their clients. They do not manufacture or represent products and do not provide any services other than infrared, although many other service companies do. Their web site features images, videos and a much information on applications. Stockton is divided into four seperate divisions and provide the following services which parallel the present major applications in maintenance, process and R&D.  

  • AERIAL INFRARED* Aerial Roof Moisture Surveying * Environmental Impact Surveying * Steam System Surveying
  • ELECTRICAL/MECHANICAL PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE* Electrical Switchgear IR/PM * Mechanical Systems IR/PM * Steam System Infrared *
  • BUILDING QUALITY ASSURANCE * Building Structural Integrity * Heat Loss Analysis *
  • PROCESS IMPROVEMENT & R&D * Process Improvement * On-line feasibility studies * Unbiased IR camera selection consulting * Pulp & Paper Industry Infrared * Infrared Research & Development

There are other uses as shown in some detail on the Pro Thermographers web site. The technology is beginning, among other things, to impact the ability of many motorists to literally "see in the dark". But as can be appreciated here, it is much, much more than night vision. The hyperlinks on this and the other Thermography pages will take you to web places with many images and thermal image videos that depict examples of the technology at work.

There are images on the web sites of the thermography trainingcompanies, the serviceproviders, the equipment vendors and the various othe rresources that support the technology.

Newer variants of the technology especially the technique known as Thermal Wave Imaging, have shown the remarkable ability to locate subsurface corrosion and other problems in aging aircraft structures with great precision and confidence.

Thermal Imaging practiced in the context of medical dignostics is also growing, but there it is known both as Medical Thermography and "Thermology" to perhaps distinguish it from the practices not involving a person's health. However the use of Thermal Imaging in animal health areas with measurements for horses and small animals is well established.

Thermography, thermology , thermal wave imaging , thermovision and thermal infrared night vision use thermal imagers, some of which appear like slightly large video cameras.

Not to be left in the dark, so to speak, the fire rescue and law enforcement communities have found there are numerous ways in which the practice of their professions can be made safer and more effective with IR imaging equipment. The new, more capable and compact cameras seem to be almost ideal for these uses.

These uses are usually classed as Night Vision and Security uses of thermal imaging.

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