About Temperature & Moisture Sensors – A Guide

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Temperature is one of the most measured parameters in Industry, Science & Commerce. Thoughtful sensor selection & installation are critical to successful measurements.

Moisture measurement began with the measurement of Dewpoint Temperature. Measuring moisture content in gases uses other sensors in addition to wet & dry bulb thermometers.

Contact Temperature Sensors

Noncontact Temperature Sensors

Moisture Sensors


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  1. I’m searching for suppliers of a fiber optic temperature sensing system suitable for an oil and gas downhole well in an environment as high as 1300 degrees C.
    Thank you

    • Not sure just what this commenter seeks. The daily temperatures are reported for most places in the world rather regularly by a host of weather services including national agencies, like the NWS nws.noaa.gov) in the USA. But then, which daily temperature? The one right now, the average for a day, or night or 24 hour period or the maximum for a day or the minimum, or the spread or all of the above?

      It is difficult, if not impossible, to answer a question that has not been very carefully constructed.

      Reminds me of “How high is up?”

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