About Temperature & Moisture Sensors – A Guide

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Temperature is one of the most measured parameters in Industry, Science & Commerce. Thoughtful sensor selection & installation are critical to successful measurements.

Moisture measurement began with the measurement of Dewpoint Temperature. Measuring moisture content in gases uses other sensors in addition to wet & dry bulb thermometers.

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Moisture Sensors


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  1. Not sure just what this commenter seeks. The daily temperatures are reported for most places in the world rather regularly by a host of weather services including national agencies, like the NWS nws.noaa.gov) in the USA. But then, which daily temperature? The one right now, the average for a day, or night or 24 hour period or the maximum for a day or the minimum, or the spread or all of the above?

    It is difficult, if not impossible, to answer a question that has not been very carefully constructed.

    Reminds me of “How high is up?”

  2. Check the updated NPTEL Course links on this site ( http://www.temperatures.com/education-training/free-46-hour-hvac-video-course/) or go to YouTube.com where the full NPTEL Course is listed, lecture by lecture, as they are on our updated webpage.

    As we have found recently, NPTEL has changed many of their links without referencing earlier one. We have updated this course using the YouTube links exclusively. Thanks to inputs like yours pointing out the broken ones.

  3. I’m searching for suppliers of a fiber optic temperature sensing system suitable for an oil and gas downhole well in an environment as high as 1300 degrees C.
    Thank you