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There is a large, international community that is involved with temperature and temperature sensors in addition to the many users.

The workers range from the scientists, engineers and technicians at major Universities, Research Labs and National Standards Labs to applications engineers at specialty manufacturers. One common trait among them is the production of publications, books, presentations and even web sites that provide a record of accomplishments. These records are often distilled into very understandable, useful resources to help solve a problem or provide guidance on how to follow a logical path to a solution.

Today, with the improved communications at hand, many of these authors and knowledge workers are available via email. Also, note that perhaps the biggest group in the community are the vendors, especially the manufacturers of temperature sensors. There is also a huge pool of knowledge about the selection and use of temperature sensors within the vendors in this community. Many of these companies and institutions share their knowledge, most of the time at no cost, sometimes for fee, sometimes even on the Web in remarkably clear and concise fashion! We hope to highlight those free resources and at least guide you to the existing major knowledge sites and reference books that contain much of the historical information of interest.

Below are some of the links to the community of free, additional information or leads to them. There's lots of help also on other parts of this site in the calibration, standards, applications and references pages. Check the special pages on each specific type of sensor, because some very specific, educational links have been placed there and they are being improved constantly as new and/or more comprehensive information is located on the Web.

Good luck and best wishes. If you have some interesting successes, let us know and we'll help you share that with others who visit these pages.

Temperature Sensor Community Pages

Temperature Sensor Technical Meetings, Calls for Papers and Training Courses 
Meetings for the pros and those who wish to grow in technical knowledge! This is where the experts do the dance of technology and share successes and failures with their peers, and where, you (given enough technical education) can go to learn their secrets and how to do the Celcius Waltz or the Fahrenheit Foxtrot, too! But first, one has to learn to crawl, then walk, then.....

Although these meetings are sometimes expensive to attend, their publications are often in a libraries and many authors have free reprints of their papers that they will share. This is especially true of those authors who work for commercial equipment suppliers. Their free technical information is often available just for the asking.

Temperature Links on The Web 
Other sources, resources, facts and a few laughs, too.

Temperature References
A list which includes the references described elsewhere in this site that provide a technical resource list for understanding temperature, temperature sensors and their uses.

Community-oriented news and resources web site.
To further unify the widespread community of students, scientists, engineers and technologists involved in temperature sensors and uses, we have a website called the Temperature Sensor News & Community website. It is more user-friendly and uses a database structure that supports and encourages questions, answers and submission of inputs and comments from the community of users. It is not a chat room and all submissions are edited for appropriateness. The new site, with web address or URL http://www.tempsensor.net uses relatively advanced web programming that some of our visitors' browsers cannot render. For that reason, the present site concept of a mostly text-based one will also be continued for the forseeable future.

Contribute or Donate
Our recent pages tell how you can contribute to help grow this large effort to unify the web's resources on temperature sensors and their users. If you are unable to contribute but would like to help, consider donating or buying items through our sales pages to help us maintain this free resource.

Other Resources
Actually still other page on this webite, but some of the key, community-like resources are the following links:

"A View on The Future of Thermal Imaging", the slides from the IR/Info 2004 Keynote talk can be viewed on the web or downloaded.....READ MORE


ASTM International-Committee E20, Temperature

Eighth International Temperature Sympsoium-Held Oct 2002, Chicago IL-USA

Tempmeko June 2004-Dubrovnik, Croatia

SPIE Thermosense XXVI-April 2004-Orlando


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