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Why Advertise on Websites?


The answer should be obvious, if you are reading this page.

Because it works! Because it's here! Because it fits every business!

It got you here. Our little, one line text ad on another webpage, didn't it?

That's partly how the Web works. Providing answers to questions from almost anywhere in the world, in the blink of an eye!

We think it is a lot more obvious than that. Open the business section of the paper and look at the growth of Google and Yahoo. They are much more than search engines; they are advertising powerhouses. Yet, even they depend upon thousands of large, medium and small websites like ours and yours, perhaps, to bring detail that helps them sell ad space.

But, back to the focus here.

Why should you even consider advertising on our websites? That's a separate issue covered on another webpage.

First things first.

Why should you be on, or advertise on, the Web at all?

The whole point of advertising is to bring seekers and suppliers together and to introduce new organizations or established organizations with newer products and services to their existing and prospective customers. The Web does that faster, easier and at lower cost than just about any medium anywhere, including sky-writing!

It's also about marketing and customer relations and sales force training and support. It's these things and many more. It is a paradigm shift in business and marketing.

It comes down eventually to all about you; making decisions on where and how to learn a few new tricks and to use the Web to your advantage.

One way to use it, is to advertise on it.

Think long and hard about the Web and the resources that are there to carry seekers to you message and to get your message in front of your existing customers. The message that you recognise they are using the Web and can directly interact with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a weeks, 52 weeks a year; whenever they wish.

That's something unique, customer friendly, something quicker and more responsive than magazine ads, easier and less costly to access, to create and to maintain than a trade exposition

It's right here, right now and as up-to-date as today!

We think it's a no-brainer, but all too many really smart people in business have not taken the time to look closer at the Internet phenomenon called the Web. If you value the future of your business, no matter what it is, you owe it to yourself to take a careful look.

Your kids and grandkids are growing up with the Web and it will pervade their lives like no other marketing and advertising medium ever has. Just think about computer games, MP3 music (The iPod), on-line movies, distance learning, Amazon, The IRS, Social Security, ETrade, PriceLine, Travelocity, Airline and Hotel Reservations. It has only just begun; we cannot imagine where it will go!

What was the last marketing and sales innovation to create a new word in the world's lexicon, like the verb "to google"?

We think that advertising on the Web is more than the wave of the future. It is already the way of the present. It is here now, bigtime!

It is and can be seen on websites like Grainger and Staples and many others. Just look at the revenue growth of dedicated web-based outfits like Google over the last few years to appreciate how it is already impacting businesses of every kind.

If we haven't convinced you to put some of your advertising money into web ads, look at the Google ads on our websites and see how many of your peers and competitors are already doing it.

Note that some of them are the leaders in their industries. They didn't get that way by not advertising, that's for sure!

Advertise Directly on Our sites, Too!

We urge you to consider more than advertising on the web!

Consider advertising directly on our sites, too. There are many good reasons to do so and we are making it easier and easier for you to do so.

Check out your own website, too. That's part of your advertising, you know. You do have a website, don't you?

Are you using your website to something near its capabilities as part of your marketing plan? Or, to paraphrase the phone company, do you have a POC website (Plain Old Catalog)? That's what many of the first users of the Web did. Put their catalog on it. It's a good start, but only a start. Where's the sales effort, the customer service, the interactivity with your sales force and customers?

Think about it. There's a mountain of resources on the Web to help you learn, or point you at people, who can help you create or recreate your web presence. We've added a page here that has some webmaster resources that may help you. Have a look! Check out some other resources, There's so many, it is almost difficult to make a choice.

You can get someone else to help you create ads and buy ad space on the Web. You can get someone to help revamp your marketing plan to include a Web component.

You can get someone to build your website and even maintain it for you.

We can help you in all of these areas because we are affiliated with organizations who have the skills, the time and the focus to make it easy for you to become truly "web-enabled".


P.S. Interested in a listing on our vendor directories. It's unique self service and free at TempSensors.net and MeasurementDevices with no hidden traps. We also accept news releases, new product and service information, applications and other success stories as well as information on professional and technical meetings, new books and papers of interest and Calls For Papers.

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