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Why Advertise With Temperatures.com?


We think that advertising on the Web is more than the wave of the future. It is already the way of the present. It is here now, bigtime!

If this sounds familiar, it means you read our other page on Why Advertise on the Web. Thanks for doing so. We hope you are getting the message.

The next step is to convince you that there are good reasons why you should advertise on one or more of our websites. Here are five to consider:

  1. We are focused on measurement devices and their uses in Industry & Science and related markets and that you want to reach.
  2. Our coverage includes the entire world market; visitors from more than 190 different countries visit our web sites regularly.
  3. It is easy for you to try our services and get results.
  4. It can be profitable for you to stay as a customer.
  5. We rank among the highest of all websites on Google and Yahoo and most other search engines in our field, with lots of traffic, higher than most actual measurement device makers. Yet, we do not make a single measurement device!
Dedicated web search engines like Google and Yahoo, offer great, user-friendly ways to get your advertising message onto thousands of websites. They are so easy that you can even create the text ad yourself.

They also offer good tracking services, so you can see what keywords work and where your money went. We think they offer good value for money and have even used them ourselves, from time to time, to promote our sites.

After all, like them, we depend on web traffic for our revenue. Our business model is based on advertising and sales support for some special items like text and reference books and some general purpose measurement devices.

They depend on sites like ours, in turn, too.

But we do better, we think, in the tightly focused measurement devices and services providers since our readers come here to find current details, news, technical information, supplier information and education to meet their needs.

We have grown our web traffic and advertising from the days before Google and MSN Search, because our sites fill special niches in the Web and are ranked very highly in all the search engines as a result.

We serve Industrial, Scientific, R&D, and Education markets.: More specifically, we are focused on those who want to learn and find out more about measurements devices and measurements such as temperature, flow, pressure, material properties and data collection, analysis and related technical matters.

You can get started with a simple PayPal purchase online from nearly anywhere with a popular credit card or American Express card and try us out easily and at relatively low cost-our rates are better than most.

Our minimum ad purchase costs are better than competitive; we offer premiums for long term advertisers with our nine, focused websites!.

We provide FREE listings and News inputs for Calls for Papers, Vendor Listings, New Product Announcements, Educational & Training resources and much, much more. We have, as a result, traffic, lots of traffic.

We get more web visitors and have more page views monthly on our sites than most sensor and measurement device company websites! In mid 2007 we were totalling nearly 300,000 page views and 80,000 visitors per month..and growing with a number of new websites.


The Spectropyrometer from FAR Associates

You can have read daily updated temperature sensor news on, or from www.TempSensorNEWS.com
1. by visiting www.TempSensorNEWS.com regularly,
2. adding the RSS XML newsfeed to your RSS-enabled Browser or to your own web page or,
3. adding your site to ours! Yes, you read correctly. For a modest fee, we will consider adding your site, or a version of it, to our site so that you have a temperatures.com web address! Let us know if you are interested.


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