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What are Heat & Temperature?

Not an simple question to answer. The easy part is: Heat is a form of energy often called thermal energy-measured in joules, calories or watt-seconds or KWH etc.. It is the thing you pay for when you buy electric power. Temperature is something else, the hard one to describe and define easily. Check some of the sites listed below and you'll find more than one answer............ because there are.

But, we may save you some time since we have pondered the problem and massaged the messages to arrive at what we can use as an operational definition for the word 'Temperature" on the page listed below and linked here for the impatient. There are still some words you could review tohave a more complete background on the subject and they are linked for those of our visitors wanting to understand things.

About Temperature  (In English)
Acerca de La Temperatura (En Espanol)

Everyone "knows" what it is, but try to explain it to someone else. What do we really know about temperature and what it represents? This unique web site contribution from Bev Lynds at U. C. Berkeley explains it in a way that middle schoolers can understand!


Beginner's Guides To Thermal Stuff
Heat Transfer, Measuring Thermal Conductivity and A Beginner's Guide to Temperature Measurement. All three "Guides" are wrapped up in one neat presentation courtesy of NPL, the National Physical Laboratory, in England. They also have a Guide on Emissivity. (You can take the E-Trail link on our website and find out some really basic things about it! There are also some questions to challenge the soul of even the most ardent believer!)

Temperature Scales and Conversions between them.
How many temperature scales are there? Take a guess, but there may be more than you think!

Just What IS Temperature Anyhow?
Our take on the term and some rationale derived from reference definitions also listed along with their source citations.

Types of Temperature Sensors 
Here's where you can find the list of sensor typesalong with a brief description of each and its special features. If you know your type, use the links on this page to get to it or the list of vendors who provide them. This may be a surprise to some engineers who have come to believe there is only one supplier of temperature sensors!

Selecting a Temperature Sensor
Sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy... but always worth doing with care. 

TC + RTD Tables, If your sensor is a thermocouple or Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) these tables could be useful, thanks to Pyromation , Inc.

Emissivity or mystery?
If a non-contact sensor is your choice and you don't know beans about emissivity, you are not alone! take the E-Trail to a better understanding of this often maligned optical property of matter, e-missivity, that is! It is crucial to many non-contact temperature measurements. Includes a list of special technical reference materials (not on the web but at your local technical university or big city library).

Community Among one of the major resources is the community of workers and researchers actively engaged in developing standards, new methods and/or teaching others. As an entity, the community of temperature workers is loosely defined and widely spread around the world, but they exist. We've provided some pages with connections to this vast resource and expect to see it grow over time. In fact, the key elements to a start in this effort are combined on another page entitled "Community. Some of the key page links on this site that make up that page are the following: LinksMeetings,  ReferencesArchives.

Also note The Temperature Sensor Community Web Site, a companion site to this one, set up to enable direct inputs from temperature sensor users and makers. Vendors, do visit there. Sign in and enter your own company data, product and service offerings and news-It's been Improved! Users can post reports & reviews of companies, news, products and services. Note that inputs are moderated for propriety and excess zeal! Best of all, it is freely available and "self service".





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