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We have found so many useful resources on the Web while operating and growing our sites that we here share some of the unique ones with our peers on the Web. If you know of any that you think would also be valuable to others operating sites similar to ours, let us know and we will try to add them to our list.

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Information & Resources for Webmasters

  • "Web Marketing for Small Business"
    An Online Copy of a paper given at IR/Info 2006 by G R Peacock, the founder of www.Temperatures.com and several other websites.

    Aimed at the Small Business newcomer to The Web. It explains why and how a small business can and should set up a website and the many options available to them.

    Detailed with links to several web resources. It provides a bit more information about how this site was started and our experiences in "Web site building." We started slow and have continued with steady improvements to the point now where we operate more than ten different sites (several more since the time the paper was written).

    Read, Learn from our experiences and GET ON THE WEB ASAP; time's awasting! That's our opinion, and it is neither rocket science nor brain surgery, or as we have heard the expressions mangled to: "It's not rocket surgery!"

  • Alexa.com
    Alexa-The website popularity ranking place

    Website popularity ranking, by the numbers. The top 100,000 are the most accurate, according to this Amazon subsidiary. They claim there could be significant errors in larger values, but they provide them nonetheless. We believe that sites representing similar organizations can be compared using these, the only free, quantitative website rankings on the Web, that we have found to date!
  • Godaddy.com

    A domain registrar with registration fees as low as $4.95. More importantly, a great domain management interface offering the ability to park or redirect a domain for no charge and with no ad banners!
  • LinkPartners.com
    LinkPartners.com - The Easy Way to Find Link Swap Partners
    The Easy Way to Find Link Swap Partners
  • SEO Toolkit
    URL: http://www.rlrouse.com/SEO.html
  • Search for It ontheweb.co.uk
    search engine for resources mostly in the UK including temperature sensors and temperature measurements

    A search engine for resources mostly in the UK including temperature sensors and temperature measurements.
  • PostNuke

    An Open Source Content Management Software system (Read:Free). The basic software driving our www.Tempsensor.net, the Temperature Sensor Directories site, and some of our measurement Devices, Databases, and Media websites.
  • WordPress

    Open Source Content Management Software system (Read:Free) advertised as Blogging software; available both on a website hosted by WordPress or on your own hosted site. It is the basic software used on Measurement Blog and lehos tecHeadlines and tens of thousands of other sites all over the Web! (Did we mention that it's FREE and supported by a large community of volunteers, and has hundreds of free themes and plug-ins to customize and extend it. We actually use it on three of our private, family - related websites because it is so capable and easy to change and update.)
  • The Wayback Machine

    The Internet Archive of old web pages from sites that have changed and those also no longer published or available. Who said your old website reference went away? They are stored, most likely available here.
  • Web Hosting Stuff
    Web Hosting Stuff Logo

    A hosting directory site that lists and reviews more than 5,800 web hosting plans.
  • NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site
  • Once you get up and running, tell the world with a press release!Free Press Release
  • An online price estimator to give you an idea of the value of a link you wish to sell or the price of a link you wish to buy from the Tools at SEOTools.com

    Link Price Calculator Tool SEO ChatT

    Enter a domain / website name

    Enter Captcha To Continue
    To prevent spamming, please enter in the numbers and letters in the box below

    Report Problem with Tool.

Also note The Temperature Sensors Directories Site, a companion site set up to enable direct listings from temperature sensor users and makers. Vendors, do visit there. Sign in and enter your own company data, product and service offerings.

Note, too TempSensorNEWS, for news and RSS newsfeed- Users can post reports & reviews of companies, news, products and services.

Note that inputs are moderated for propriety and excess zeal! Best of all, they are freely available and "self service".

Now you can have daily updated temperature sensor news on, or fromTempSensorNEWS.com,
1. by visiting www.TempSensorNEWS.com regularly, or
2. adding the RSS-XML newsfeed to your RSS-enabled Browser or to your own web page.




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