Dewpoint and Humidity Sensor Vendors

Humidity and dewpoint temperature device vendors supply a variety of equipment for the many types of conditions under which the parameters need to be measured. Here’s a few notable ones.

(Recall, the focus is on those uses commonly understood as moisture levels in gaseous media, e.g., air, combustion gases & process gases.) and that there are two types of basic humidity types associated with air: Absolute and Relative Humidity, the latter usually designated as RH.

Kahn Instruments, Inc. 
Two and three stage Optical devices with accuracies claimed to 0.1 °C.

Vaisala Inc. —  Producer of a wide variety of unique RH and Dewpoint meters based on their special sensing technologies.

GEl Measurement & Control  — Makers of a wide range of Industrial Moisture Sensors and Instruments based on Aluminum Oxide Technology & Chilled Mirror Dewpoint meters.

Other Sensors for Moisture in Gases

Ametek Process Instruments, Div. – Combustion gas and process gas moisture measurements.

CSC Scientific Company Inc. – Instruments to test Moisture.

GEC Instruments (USA) – Data Logging moisture systems.

GOW-MAC Moisture Analyzers – Trace Gas analysis.

Meeco – Trace Moisture Analysis

Tiger Optics – Trace gas analyzers & ambient air monitors for a many molecular gases beginning with H2O and others.

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