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Burns Engineering, Inc. (USA), Burns Engineering designs and manufactures temperature products, for all industries and processes, with standard, custom, and Hazardous Locations approved models. ISO-9001 Registered. ISO-17025 Accredited.
  1. Thermocouple Temperature Sensor Vendors
  2. Resistance Temperature Detector (RTDs) and Platinum Resistance Thermometers (PRTs and SPRTs) Vendors, Also includes PT100, Nickel RTD and Copper RTD Vendors
  3. Thermistor Temperature Sensor Vendors (both NTC and PTC types), Also includes the primary sensor suppliers to the digital clinical and medical thermometers
  4. Liquid in Glass Thermometer Vendors (Includes Clinical or Medical Glass thermometers)
  5. Bimetallic Temperature Sensors(including Thermostats)
  6. Filled System Temperature Sensors
  7. Phase Change Temperature Sensors (Labels, Crayons, Paints etc)
  8. Cryogenic Temperature Sensors
  9. Dewpoint Temperature and Humidity Sensors
  10. Semiconductor Temperature Sensors
  11. Thermowell Vendors
  12. Large Distributors and Multiple Product Line Suppliers
  13. Wireless Temperature Sensing &  Monitoring Product Vendors

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