Temperature & Moisture Sensor Vendors

There are sensor manufacturers, sensor distributors, sensor applications engineers, sensor salesmen, sensor reps, sensor resellers and system integrators who build sensors into larger systems.

There are also online sensor sales pages which appear to be written for everyone.

They usually are not all the same,  nor are they written by someone with the same education, experience and know-how as the equipment designer, sensor specialist rt applications expert.

Some sales people and authors are sensor experts; some know a little.

Some know less than a nearby rock about the sensor they write about, represent or provide. The balance occupy all shades in between those limits.

The watch words are, as always: “Buyer beware”, until you build up confidence in their business ethics and technical abilities (and that of the organization they represent).

How do you select a vendor?

Perhaps the best thing to sort the wheat from the chaff is a reference list. But check it against your needs, both business ones and cost constraints.

If you are interested in lowest cost, be certain your specifications are complete and detailed; require & test samples rigorously. (It has been our experience that a truly qualified supplier will not only stand behind their product but will stand in front of it, too, and offer samples for you to try or test)

Of course, if your organization believes in, and has, a Total Quality System, such points are moot, except possibly for the use of standards.

Those who buy on price alone run the risk of poor performance, unless your specifications are fully met. In temperature measurement that can spell lost productivity or miles of scrap product or a hazard to someone, especially in manufacturing operations.

If you are interested in best performance, do the right thing: be meticulous and thorough.

Bottom Line:
Do a complete job at your end, which means checking for appropriate standards whenever ordering anything!

If there are industry standards that apply to your sensor, use them in your specifications. Anything less is plain neglect.

If there are no standards and you think there should be, get active in standards development. Other companies like yours probably have similar needs.

Our Directories web site, www.tempsensor.net has a special feature that enables all vendors to enter their own listings and news of products and special events.

We do review and vet all submissions for appropriateness and validity of the web link-but do not recommend or favor any one vendor.

We have another feature that enables interested individuals to enter reviews of products and services.  Feel free to enter your ratings on any or all of our linked vendors. It’s free and it may help you the next time you check for a vendor, just like your rating helps them.

Also you can visit our onsite vendor lists by sensor type. Just click here.

Check the Buyer-Friendly “MrPyro.com” for buying contact Temperature Sensors (thermometers, digital thermometers and more) and other, new temperature, moisture & weather measurement devices online.

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  1. Jessica,

    Thank you for letting me know about the broken links. The course that you mentioned in detail via email is the one on Industrial Instrumentation. It covers the three most common industrial temperature sensors as well as other sensors and signals. It is a free, online video course at the Indian Government’s NPTEL Series of educational videos; they number in the thousands.

    I found that the original NPTEL weblinks had been changed, while the similar videos on YouTube had not. So this one 40 course series has been updated on this website to provide a much better organization of the course series, not like the mish-mash on YouTube. If ever in doubt about a link or if you find an error in links to NPTEL courses, the main website is at http://nptel.ac.in/ where it is possible to find the correct video. We will be reviewing the NPTEL links on our other pages as time permits. Thank you again.
    Ray Peacock

  2. Hello, I’m interested in the course Temperature sensors; however, most of the links are broken. What happened? Can I get access to this course?
    Jessica L. Campbell

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