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About Vendors!

There are sensor manufacturers, sensor distributors, sensor applications engineers, sensor salesmen, sensor reps, sensor resellers and system integrators who build sensors into larger systems. There are also online sensor sales pages which appear to be written for everyone.

They are not all the same, do not all have, or are written by someone with the same education, experience and know-how. Some sales people and authors are sensor experts; some know a little.


Some know less than a nearby rock about the sensor they write about, represent or provide. The balance occupy all shades in between those limits.

The watch words are, as always: "Buyer beware", until you build up confidence in their business ethics and technical abilities (and that of the organization they represent).

"A View on The Future of Thermal Imaging", the slides from the IR/Info 2004 Keynote talk can be viewed on the web or downloaded.....READ MORE

How do you select a vendor?

Perhaps the best thing to sort the wheat from the chaff is a reference list. But check it against your needs, both business ones and cost constraints.

If you are interested in lowest cost, be certain your specifications are complete and detailed and test samples rigorously. Of course, if your organization believes in, and has, a Total Quality System, such points are moot, except possibly for the use of standards.

Those who buy on price alone run the risk of poor performance, unless your specifications are fully met. In temperature measurement that can spell lost productivity or miles of scrap product or a hazard to someone.

If you are interested in best performance, do the same thing.

Bottom Line:

Do a complete job at your end, which means checking for appropriate standards whenever ordering anything!

If there are industry standards that apply to your sensor, use them in your specifications. Anything less is plain neglect.

If there are no standards and you think there should be, get active in standards development. Other companies like yours probably have similar needs.

Standards are the way to get vendors to provide the best at a competetive price. Some vendors will give you the best on their own; most will not, until pressured.

There are numerous examples of the advantages of standards to organizations and vendors world-wide. Usually the most concientious vendors are already involved in standards efforts. For a partial list of temperature sensor standards and organizations, see our Standards page.

One way to learn which vendors are truely serious and reliable is to check the rosters of the standards societies to see which companies foster them by committing the time of their staff to participate.

The largest vendors are not necessarily the lowest cost nor the best quality, nor the repository of competent know-how. Often the small, specialized manufacturer, or those with a tradition of excellence and a very satisfied list of customers will provide what you need and participation in standards developments. They are the gems and any extra cost you must pay is usually well earned and worth not having to go through the process twice!

Finding gems takes time and often costs money. Talk to your peers, learn of their success and share your own; check to see which vendors are active contributors in standards development societies/associations and organizations like ASME-American Society of Mechanical Engineers,

ASTM-The American Society for Testing and Materials,

ASNT-The American Society for Non-destructive Testing,

BSI-The British Standards Institute,

ISA-The Instrument Society of America,

IEEE-The Institution of Electrical & Electronic Engineers,

ISO-The International Standards Association,

NCSLI-National Conference of Calibration Laboratories,or

VDI-VDE, to mention a few.

Our News & Directories web site, www.tempsensor.net has a special feature that enables all vendors to enter their own listings and news of products and special events. We also have another feature that enables interested individuals to enter reviews of products and services. Needless to say, all submitted listings and reviews are examined and checked for clarity, truthfulness and appropriateness before being placed on the public web site.




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