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Thermowell Vendors


Nearly every maker of probe- type temperature sensors offers some sort of thermowell.

Some companies specialize more than others and there are even organizations that supply only thermowells and related components.

The list of vendors below is not exhaustive. If your company belongs there, click on ADD LINK and let us know. Basic listings for vendors are free and, if you notice, we strive to find those technically-aware suppliers that provide free technical information and advice on their web sites. They get special notices and links as you will find when you traverse this site's pages.

Illustrations of thermowells are courtesy of RÜEGER S.A. of Switzerland, one of the world's largest makers of high quality bimetallic, gas pressure and thermoelectric temperature sensors (and thermowells).

Featured Vendor(s)

Tempsens Instruments specializes in the design and manufacturing of metal protection wells for the primary and basic styles . The facilities include CNC, deep drilling and conventional machine etc. They can offer in SS304, SS316, SS310, Inconel, Hastalloy, Titanium, Coated etc customized as per your requirement. They deliver good quality, good price and assured delivery for products. They have been supplying to many countries all round the Globe. Contact info@tempsens.com or visit their website at www.tempsens.com for more details.

Organizations Supplying Thermowells

  1. Alloy Engineering One of the worlds leading and most-quoted manufacturers of Thermowells (Bridgeport Conn., USA)
  2. Ashcroft Brand (Dresser Instrument)(USA)
    Thermowells for bimetal and filled system thermometers.
  3. AMS Testing Services For RTD or RTD and thermowell response time.
  4. AWC Instrumentation Products (Texas-USA) Thermowells
  5. Barber-Colman (USA)Sensor Products
  6. BESTWELD INCORPORATED 40 Robinson Street Pottstown, PA 19464 USA, TEL (610) 718-9700 FAX (610) 718-9800 E-mail fittings@bestweld.com.
  7. Bristol Babcock Offers a selection of Thermowells. Thermowells are thermally conductive bar stock sockets recommended for use with either temperature indicating or control instruments.
  8. Changzhou Thermo-Technical Instrument (China) Manufacturer of China Thermo Instrument, bimetal thermometer, digital indicator, temperature sensor, thermowell, thermocouple, and glass thermometer.
  9. Eagle Stainless Container Thermocouple & Thermowells
  10. Electrical & Electronics Corporation (India)
    Process Control Thermowells, especially petrochemical industry, heavy service duty units.
  11. Fantinelli Srl. Since 1878(Italy) Manufacturer of pressure gauges and thermometers (certified ISO 9002)Fantinelli thermowell- termometri bimetallici-thermometer fantinelli.
  12. Instrumentation GroupThermowells: Threaded, welded, flanged, and vanstone types
  13. IPS- INDUSTRIAL PYROMETER & SUPPLY CO Thermowell Table of Contents covering: 1. Threaded Thermowells, 2. Flanged Thermowells, 3. Socket-Weld Thermowells, 4. Vanstone Thermowells, 5. Weld-in Thermowells, 6.Sanitary Thermowells, 7. Ground Joint Thermowells and 8. Plug & Chain Attachments.(2109 Holland St; Alton,IL.62002, USA)
  14. MAC-WELD Machining & Manufacturing Ltd.Thermowells & Protection Tubes
  15. L.H. Marshall everything you need for unsurpassed thermocouple life and accuracy, such as these new protection tubes or thermowell assemblies.
  16. Progressive Instruments Thermowell Series
  17. Pyromation, Inc. - Product Catalog Includes general parameters and specifications for threaded thermowell, straight threaded well and limited space thermowell.
  18. Resistoflex (USA) PTFE Jacketed Thermowell-baffles for inserting thermocouples below the liquid level of corrosion mixtures.
  19. REO TEMP's Downloadable, PDF Format, story on a rugged dual-sensor system that puts TWO SENSORS in ONE THERMOWELL
  20. Rocky Mountain Thermowells (USA) specializes in the design and manufacturing of metal protection wells for the primary or detecting elements of all types and basic styles in popular usage, i.e. Straight Thermowell. Flange Thermowell. Tapered Thermowell. Bi-Met Thermowell. Bambi Thermowell .
  21. RTD Co.Thermowell assemblies include explosion-proof ones used primarily in the petro-chemical industry and hazardous environments.
  22. RÜEGER S.A., Since 1942 (Switzerland) RÜEGER measuring instruments are recognised - even by its competitors - as being the most reliable and precise on the market with a sales network of over 50 representatives spread around the world as well as own sales organizations in Germany and Malaysia. Sensors & Gauges for Temperature & Pressure and thermowells with detailed design drawings, on the Web! The entire RÜEGER organisation is certified ISO 9001.
  23. Sandelius Instruments thermowells Houston Texas, USA; specializing in high pressure thermocouples, high velocity thermowells and severe corrosion/erosion applications.
  24. SensorPulse Corp. (131 Coolidge St. . Hudson,MA 01749 . Ph: (800) 447-5900 . Fax: (978) 567-1077)
  25. TC s.a. (France) {Guide pratique GRATUIT sur la thermométrie par thermocouple et résistance} FREE guides Thermocouple and Resistance Thermometry
  26. TC Direct (UK)Sensors, Cables, Controllers and Accessories as well as their FREE 'How To' guides to Thermocouple and Resistance Thermometry.
  27. Temp-pro's Thermowell Catalog (26 pages) DOWNLADABLE-in pdf format.
  28. Temperature Measurement Systems (Texas-USA) TMS has been making thermowells for over 20 years. They maintain a large inventory of standard thermowells, flanges and barplus they pride themselves on high quality and 99% ship dates with "on-time rating".
  29. Tempsens Instruments (India) specializes in the design and manufacturing of metal protection wells for the primary and basic styles. Their facilities include CNC, deep drilling and conventional machine etc. They can offer in SS304, SS316, SS310, Inconel, Hastalloy, Titanium, Coated etc customized as per your requirement.
  30. Texas Thermowell, Inc. (TTI) specializes in manufacturing thermowells to industry standards, applicable National Standards and custom designs.
  31. Thermo-Electra b.v.(Netherlands) "Your partner in temperature sensors"-Industrial Thermowells to accompany their specialty thermocouples and RTDs.
  32. Thermodata (UK) Manufacturer of thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermistors and thermowells.
  33. Thermodynamic SensorsThermowells and Thermocouple/RTD Thermowell Assemblies
  34. Thermometrics Corp. Web site html thermowell order form
  35. Thermo Sync Test- Downloadable pdf file on TAN-34CO-L4 Thermowell Performance Evaluation October 2000 (US and FOREIGN PATENTS PENDING)
  36. Thermotech USA THERMOWELL PAGE; also Thermocouples. RTD's. Heat Sensor Accessories
  37. TSSPL Solid Drilled thermowells manufactured from Solid Bar Stock, schedule pipe.
  38. TTEC ONLINE - Order Online Thermowell Assemblies. KWIK-SHIP™
  39. WIKA Pty Ltd (Australia) Pressure and Temperature Measurement
  40. WIKA -(Germany) Many thermowell designs available e.g. Thermowell per DIN, Threaded connection, fabricated.
  41. WIKA Instruments Ltd.,(UK) Pressure and Temperature Measurement
  42. Wooil lndustries (Korea)Thermowells, thermostats, thermocouples, thermometers

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