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Continuous training is the proven way to keep your essential capabilities in-house, as all modern managers know. Not only is it part of the professional growth of the responsible staff but it also pays great dividends in efficiency, morale and knowledge worker retention.
In manufacturing, the process and many of the QA and HVAC functions depend critically upon your staff's knowledge of a wide array of sensors, their types and details. The details are key to good design, installation, maintenance and repair.
If your organization farms all this out, then read no further. However, if you have in-house staff who have to deal with these details, then it pays to sharpen their skills and update them on technology advances on a regular basis. We have some key educational tools that can help keep you and your staff up to date on all the hot stuff!

Training Programs

  • Training: Industrial Infrared Temperature Sensors The technology and use of infrared or non-contact temperature sensors is key to a number of manufacturing processes such as aluminum, carbon & graphite, cement, ceramics, glass, lime, plastics, steel, forging, coating, tempering, annealing and many other process areas. We offer a flexible one-day course that can be customized to suit the type of equipment that your staff uses or will use.
  • Training: Industrial Temperature Sensors The details about the three major types of industrial temperature sensors: thermocouples, RTDs and Infrared.
  • (under development) Training: Calibration Practices for Infrared Temperature Sensors. A new one day training class on the calibration routes and methods to establish and maintain a traceable link to NIST's ITS-90 temperature scale. Will include sections on recommended practices, ASTM Standards, incoming inspection and performing regular R&R tests.
  • (under development) Training : Steel Industry uses of Infrared Radiation Thermometers (Pyrometers) and Optical Pyrometers.
  • Inquire about custom programs


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