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  1. American Infrared (USA)
    Provider of low-cost infrared cameras and thermal imagers. Both new and used cameras are available for sale, rental and lease. Cameras designed for predictive maintenance, research and development, security and medical applications.

  2. Applied Infrared Sensing (Australia)
    Applied Infrared Sensing works in security and surveillance, medical, industrial and scientific markets offering a wide range of infrared CCTV and thermal imaging cameras, infrared illuminators and barriers, fiber optic and microwave intrusion and motion sensors and security fences, coastal surveillance as well as sophisticated equipment for research and development and medical science
  3. Avio (Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd.) (Japan, Bilingual: Japanese and English)
    Maker of high quality infrared thermal imaging cameras ("thermal video" systems). Web site has information on both cameras and their applications. The model TVS-700 is among their leading products.
  4. Cantronic Systems Inc,(BC, Canada)
    A world wide manufacturer and designer of Infrared Cameras including LW microbolometer units for NDT Thermography and many unique active Near-IR devices for surveillance and related uses. Offer extensive training.
  5. CMC Electronics Cincinnati(Ohio, USA)
    CMC offers a diversity of high-performance IR imaging modules based on patented InSb IR focal plane array architecture in the Gen 3-plus environment.
  6. Electrophysics Corp. (USA)
    Electrophysics develops advanced near infrared, night vision and thermal imaging systems for use in industry, law enforcement and by military customers around the world
  7. FLIR Infrared Camera Systems (USA and EEC)
    Infrared cameras, IR software, thermography training and support
  8. InfraTec GmbH , (Germany, In German & English)
    Thermal Imagers, both portable and stand-alone units for laboratory and industrial uses.
  9. IRCAM(Germany, In German & English)
    IRCAM ist ein Hightech-Unternehmen, das hochwertige Infrarotkameras (auch IR-Kameras, Wärmebildkameras, Thermokameras oder Wärme- bildgeräte genannt) und Infrarot-Systeme (IR-Systeme) im obersten Leistungsbereich entwickelt und vertreibt. Unsere IR-Kameras sind das Ergebnis lang-jähriger Erfahrung und systematisch geplanter Produktentwicklung. Neben unseren Standard-Produkten bieten wir auch Sonderentwicklungen für OEM-Kunden und kundenspezifische Hard-und Software-Lösungen.
    (IRCAM is a high tech manufacturer of premium infrared cameras (IR-cameras, thermal imaging systems, thermography or thermal cameras) and infrared systems. Their infrared cameras are a result of years of experience and elaborate product development. Besides standard products, we offer special developments for OEM customers and customized hard- and software solutions.)
  10. Infrared Cameras(USA)
    A group of applications specialists around the USA who also sell Indigo Systems thermal imaging cameras.
  11. IRISYS Ltd(UK)
    A relative newcomer to the market with a unique, compact, handheld, rugged portable imagers that sets a new cost benchmark (Read:REALLY, REALLY LOW!!!). Ok, so the resolution is a little coarse, but what you get for your money plus it reads every 1/6th of a second, stores images, downloads to a PC when needed and the size; they'll be doing flips at many competitiors' sales meetings over these products! Back to the drawing boards, folks, the battles have begun for an imager in every pocket!
  12. Ircon, Inc. in Niles Illinois(USA) ,
    Make & sell Line-scanners and two recent thermal imaging measuring thermometers, Ircon's product line is possibly the largest IR thermometer product line in the world and they are one of the major suppliers. Also calibration equipment and basic IR application know-how. Look for their road show schedule.
  13. Land Infrared in The UK (near Sheffield) with offices and service centers in the USA, Germany, France, Italy and Japan (to name a few) ,
    Maker of ruggedized Line-measuring and Thermal Imaging thermometers plus distributors of precision handheld spot units (called by the name of an ancient one-eyed mythological monster) made by Minolta Camera Company of Japan. Also has a wide range of calibration equipment and a huge range of industrial spot radiation thermometers.
  14. Mikron Infrared Inc. in New Jersey( USA),
    Maker and reseller of Spot and Area thermometers and their own unique shortwavelength thermal area measuring devices for high temperatures. Also supply several specialized thermal imagers for industrial and research use. A major supplier of calibration equipment; has a wide product range of black body simulators.
  15. Opgal Optronic Industries Ltd (Israel)
    OPGAL is a developer of thermal imaging technology and cameras principally for military uses and, more recently, for industrial, security and commercial customers. Recently announced their Fever Detection System, a packaged hardware & software systems for use in mass screening of people for possible fever, indicative of infection, e.g. SARS virus.
  16. Optotherm, Inc.(USA)
    Designs and manufactures thermal imaging systems for applications such as electronics thermal analysis and fever screening of humans.
  17. Raytek, Inc. in Santa Cruz Calif., (USA)
    and with plants and/or offices in Germany, Japan, China and South America, Makers of Spot and Line scanner thermometers. Calibration equipment, too. A new, low cost thermal imager, the TI-30, has been introduced in July 2003 at a record-breaking low price of US $9950 (in the USA). The new low price is only one of the unique features of this device. Check the Raytek Web site for full details and how new owners can get their free training from Snell Infrared, a major training organization for thermographers.
  18. Singapore Technologies Infrared Fever Screening System (Singapore)
    Providing Infrared Thermal Imaging System withsoftware for prime use in screening groups of people at ranges up to 15 meters for possible fever. Developed systems in very short time as an aid to screening passangers in airposts, bus stations and pedestrians crossing into Singapore from Malasia.
  19. Telops (Canada)
    A supplier of High Performance Infrared Cameras and leading edge Hyperspectral Imaging Systems. Products include HD-IR 1280 a High Definition Scientific Infrared Camera, FAST-IR 1500, a 1500 FPS Infrared Camera & the Hyper-Cam which provides information-rich data for many applications. Specialized in the design & production of sophisticated opto-electronic systems for the defense, industrial, environmental and academic industries, Telops provides customized cameras to meet highly specialized applications..
  20. SI Termografia Infrarroja(Argentina, Trilingual: Espanol, Portuges y English)
    Providing Infrared temperature measurement and Thermal Imaging expertise and equipment for most of the South American market (The home site of Andres E. Rozlosnik, co-chair of SPIE's Thermosense Conferences for 2001 and 2002)
  21. Thermoteknix (UK)
    Provides Scanner software, a line scanning RT , Near-IR thermal imaging system for slag monitoring and detection and a very new product in the portable, rugged thermal imager area with a wealth of useful and exciting features such as near real time wireless linking from field-taken images to plant networked computers. This means that real-time thermal imagers can be uplinked to the Web and sent around the world in seconds. (Is this the birth of "Thermal Web Cams"?)
  22. Thermal Wave Imaging (USA)
    The next generation of infrared measurement capabilities for subsurface flaw and defect detection in everything from airplane bodies to piping systems. Check out this organization and their unique equipment with capabilities for NDT of subsurface flaws.
  23. WuHan Guide Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. (China, Bilingual: Chinese and English)
    A high-tech enterprise of WuHan, China's "Optics Valley", providing several types of industrial imagers based on focal plane array sensors. Products include specialty devices such as helmet mounted units for fire fighters, wireless remote surveillance units and vehicle-mounted, long distance monitoring imagers.
  24. XenIcs, NV(Belgium)
    XenICs designs and manufactures infrared sensors and imagers, both line-scan and 2D, based on InGaAs technology for the SWIR range and based on Uncooled bolometer technology for the LWIR range. XenICs also offers custom product design.

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