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Below is a list of some Thermal Imaging Services or Directories where more lists can be found. It is not complete, we know. Sorry if you were left out. If you should be listed or know of others who should be listed or if you want to improve your organization's listing, let us know, please.

Note that the training organizations are listed on a seperate page. Some of them provide classified ads for used equipment as do some of the service providers below. Also some of the training companies do other things, like practice thermography and run information exchange/training meetings at nice places in the Fall and Winter-like Orlando and Las Vegas.

Tell your new product and application stories at The Temperature Directories website: www.tempsensor.net or feedback to us and we'll consider adding it here with your byline!

  1. African Thermograpy User Group
    An Association of Thermography organizations in Southern Africa with about 12 members.
  2. AITscan(USA)Temperature.com's HOT SITE Award, denoting an outstanding resource web site.
    A unique inspection service that has developed a high-tech approach to aerial infrared thermographic scans for large, flat-roofed buildings as well as locating Stormwater pollution sources and more. A most visually and technically rewarding website.
  3. Allis Engineering San Juan Capistrano, CA
  4. Apex Infrared (Canada)
    "We tell you what's hot and what's not!"
  5. Best Infrared Services Inc.(USA)
    BEST Infrared Services was founded by Michael Bivens, a veteran thermographer, in 1989 scanning mostly for the utility plants, power distribution, substations and many specialized research and development projects.
  6. Chemical & Infrared INSPECTIONS, LLC (USA)
    Professional Services Assisting Industrial, Commercial and Residential Customers locate potential problems through Infrared Thermography and Structural Drug Detection
  7. The Cockburn Group( UK)
    Services, camera hire, training and CTI Cyclops viewing windows.
  8. Colbert Infrared Services, Inc. (USA)
    All of their Infrared Thermographers have completed the ASNT (American society of Non-destructive Testing) requirements for certified Thermographers, are members of the Professional Thermographers Association, and have had extensive training as Certified Thermal Trend Professional Solution Providers. The latter is their own software that they developed, sell and support for data collection, and fault-finding.
  9. Emerson Process Management/CSI (USA)
    Reliability Based Maintenance: vibration, tribology, oil lab services, motor monitoring, ir thermography, laser alignment, dynamic balancing, and RBM Services.
  10. Hi-Tech Inspection Services, Inc (USA)
    Specializes in the combined use of Thermal Infrared, microwave motion detectors and acoustic emissions detectosr to perform high technology pest control, especially for Formosan Termites in the South; based in Miami, FL.
  11. The Infrared Training Center
    Provides a directory of IR service provider organizations (and much more) on their web site.
  12. Infrared Inspection's  
    Lists of Service Providers:
    (1.)A-K (USA),   
    (2.) L-Z(USA) and
    (3.) International List of Service Providers.
  13. InfraredPredictive Surveys, Inc. (USA)
    A Maryland Corporation is "The Total Inspection and Survey Service for Architects, Owners and Industry", that performs infrared inspections of electrical systems, ovens, bearings, gears, condensers, heat exchangers, belt drives, chain drives, refractory insulation, valves, hydraulic systems, pumps, tanks and electrical equipment and more.
  14. Infrared Services, Inc.(USA)
    A Colorado Corporation that has been doing electrical, distribution, power system, uninterrupted power systems, mechanical systems, rotating equipment, roof moisture, energy audits, glycol snow melt systems, plumbing leak detection and other nondestructive surveys for over 9 years.
  15. IRInfo's Thermal Imaging Service List for Canada
  16. IRInfo's Thermal Imaging Service List for Israel
  17. IRInfo's Thermal Imaging Service List for Mexico
  18. IRInfo's Thermal Imaging Service List for Trinidad
  19. IRInfo's Thermal Imaging Service List for The USA-by State
  20. ISPoT
    The International Society of Professional Thermographers
  21. Jersey Infrared Consultants(USA)
    Focused on process and predictive maintenance, JerseyIR is known throughout the USA for its expertise in petroleum thermal cracking and petrochemical thermal reformer furnaces-Headquartered in Burlington New Jersey, near Philadelphia PA.
  22. Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc. . Bronx, New York (USA).
    A unique company with IR Thermography, heat transfer analysis, process engineering and FEA consulting services run by Jack Kleinfeld, P.E., a graduate chemical engineer.
  23. Maintenance Reliability Group, Another unique organization, one aimed at the big picture of reliability in maintenance operations-with a strong thermography component. Run by Rich Wurzbach in south central Pennsylvania.
  24. Metrum (UK)
    Metrum provides complete solutions from the supply of thermal imaging camera equipment through to consultancy, rental and training, the company assists its customers to understand the omplex issues surrounding heat management and its effects.
  25. PIRS - Pregowski Infrared Services (Poland)
    Twój przewodnik do sukcesu w zastosowaniu detekcji w podczerwieni (Your guide to success in application of infrared detection).
  26. Predictive Service Corporation (USA),
    Provides a corporate solution for national and regional organizations, focusing on the standardization of service and information quality, the elimination of down time, and improved operation safety. They inventory and id all equipment to be surveyed. The data, including past IR images are saved. Information is available to the client over the web.
  27. Si Termografia Infraroja . Bueneos Aires, (Argentina),
    Services, consulting and products for infrared thermal imaging from Sr. Andrés E. Rozlosnik.
  28. Sierra Pacific Innovations(USA)
    SPI infrared thermography services thermal imaging infrared inspections. They have, according to their web site, the largest selection on the internet of new, demo, and previously owned imagers. 251 Waterton Lakes Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89148.
  29. Stockton Infrared Thermographic Services, Inc.(USA)
    A major service company located in North Carolina. Stockton is dedicated to providing a wide range of quality infrared thermographic services to their clients. They do not manufacture or represent products of any kind and do not provide any services other than infrared. Their site features images, videos and a great deal of information on applications. Stockton is divided into four seperate divisions and provide the following services:
    • The Aerial Infrared Thermography at Stockton is performed by its AITscan Division: Stormwater and other unplanned and illicit water discharges into Waterways and Lakes can be found more quickly at much lower cost than shoeleather surveys with AITscan's PollutionFindIR™ Services
    • Aerial Roof Moisture Surveying with RoofMoistureFindIR™ Services
    • Steam System Surveying with SteamLeakFinderIR™
    • Hot Water System Surveying with HotwaterLeakFinderIR™
    • Environmental Impact and Animal Counts with *AnimalFindIR Services
    • ELECTRICAL/MECHANICAL PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE DIVISION * Electrical Switchgear IR/PM * Mechanical Systems IR/PM * Steam System Infrared *
    • BUILDING QUALITY ASSURANCE DIVISION * Building Structural Integrity * Heat Loss Analysis *
    • PROCESS IMPROVEMENT/R&D DIVISION * Process Improvement * On-line feasibility studies * Unbiased IR camera selection consulting * Pulp & Paper Industry Infrared * Infrared Research & Development
  30. Snell Infrared(USA & Canada)
    A major thermal imaging service and training company
  31. Snell Infrared's List of Service Providers
  32. Thermal Inspection Services,Allentown, PA(USA)
    Electrical, Mechanical, Roofing, Building Energy Audits, Production Process Evaluations
  33. Therma Scan,(USA)
    An experienced industrial team of thermographers from the Northern Penninsula of Michigan (The U. P.)serving industry and commerce.
  34. Thermal Vision (Ireland)
    State of art thermography service based near Dublin. Providing quality thermal imaging solutions worldwide.
  35. Thermal Vision (USA)
    The American associate of the organization just above.
  36. Alain Tremblay, (Canada)
    Ing.INFRA SAGLAC, Chicoutimi, Quebec. Spécialiste Thermographique Infrarouge, Niveau II
    (Level II , Infrared Thermographic Specialist)
    Tel.: 418-543-6358 Fax: 418-543-4503 Pagette: 418-696-6398


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