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Thermography Resources:

Organizations & Meetings

Some of the organizations and meetings shown below are run by some of the training companies and one, the Annual Thermosense Conference, is a technical conferences for thermographers and others involved in R&D, Equipment Development, Process applications and other uses in both Imaging and Sensing via infrared means. This latter meeting usually runs for 3 1/2 days the first week after Easter in Orlando Florida in conjunction with a large equipment exhibition and several high tech conferences, all under the banner of SPIE's (The International Society for Optical Engineering) DSS meeting.

  • African Thermograpy User Group
    An Association of Thermography organizations in Southern Africa with about 12 members. Web site has references to training programs run by nearby office of Asea Brown Boveri(ABB) .
  • ASNT The Association for Non Destructive Testing in Columbus Ohio, USA. There are other national organizations around the world affiliated with ASNT and links to them are on this web site.
  • ASTM
    The American Society for Testing and Materials is one of the largest developers of voluntary consensus standards in the world. There are several committees within ASTM that are active in developing and maintaing standards related to Non-contact temperature measurement and thermal imaging in NDT/NDE.
  • IR/Info Temperature.com's HOT SITE Award, denoting an outstanding resource web site.
    A Web site with lots of information, Also a topical meeting and connections to an Internet discussion forum, sponsored by The Infraspection Institute.
  • InfraMation Temperature.com's HOT SITE Award, denoting an outstanding resource web site.
    An e-Newsletter and a topical meeting sponsored by The Infrared Training Center, division of FLIR-InfraMation 2003 is already in the works, and is planned to be held in Orlando, Florida. Contact abstracts@inframation.org
  • NEW! ISPoT, The International Society of Professional Thermographers,
    A new organization "By Thermographers and For Thermographers" will have a presence at the National Manufacturering Show in McCormick Place in March and are expected to at least be seeking additional members at the forthcoming April SPIE Thermosense meeting and exhibition at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center in Orlando. An international Board of Directors has been elected and a website set up at www.professionalthermographer.org. The website has a sign up form for members and volunteers plus a new message board. You can also join their email forum by sending an email toISPoT-subscribe@topica.com. The list is moderated by Jack Kleinfeld of Kleinfeld Technical Services, Inc.
  • JCDPublishing
    Winter Park, Florida (USA) A publisher of specialty books related to IR and thermal imaging, Also runs training courses for organizations including SPIE. Run by a well-known specialist in IR imaging technology, Gerry Holst.
  • Professional Thermographers Association
    Provides a Directory of Infrared Consulting Companies, Key Points to Choosing an Infrared Consulting Company , Specifications to consider when contracting an Infrared Consulting Company and Generic Specifications for the contracting of an Infrared Electrical / Mechinical PdM inspection to insure that you get a quality job.
  • QIRT 2004- 7th International Conference on Quantitative Infrared Thermography"
  • Thermal Solutions Temperature.com's HOT SITE Award, denoting an outstanding resource web site.
    A Web site with lots of information. Also a topical meeting organized in the Winter by Snell Infrared for about the last four years. Next one in Winter 2003. Copies of the January 2002 meeting papers available from Snell Infrared.
  • SPIE ThermosenseTemperature.com's HOT SITE Award, denoting an outstanding resource web site.
    A broad, topical meeting for the international IR Thermal Imaging and sensing technology community. Next scheduled for April 1-4, 2002 in Orlando . Program on the Thermosense Web site. View the SPIE website for registration and arrangements information.
  • UK Thermographers Association
    UKTA-A national organization based in Bracknell, England with many many links to the USA and other parts of the world

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