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"A View on The Future of Thermal Imaging",
the slides from the IR/Info 2004 Keynote talk can be viewed on the web or downloaded.....

Infraspection' Institute's Distance Learning Program for Thermographers

Index to the Infrared Thermography Section

Images Courtesy CEDIP Infrared Systems

The links below are to pages on this site that provide detail or links to details on Thermal Imaging Equipment and the practice of Thermography. Most of the details are at other websites (as it should be) but the major subject links are collected here in one location after review of available information. If you know of any additional resources that should be considered, let us know, please. Although we have a page devoted to equipment suppliers and other commercial organizations.

Be aware, too, that there is another web site, The Temperature Sensor Community, devoted solely to equipment and service organizations in the field of temperature sensors. It is a new, free way for suppliers to list their own products and news and lets end users list their own reviews of those devices and services.

Tell your new product and application stories at The Temperature Community website: www.tempsensor.net or feedback to us and we'll consider adding it here with your byline!

  • Infrared Thermography
    Thermal Imaging overview and explanation in "hand-waving" science with some more images.

  • Infrared or Radiation Thermometer or Imager Types
    Construction, specifications and other details for now are found at the vendor locations. An objective tutorial is in the works along with more unique content. It will be ready real soon (promises, promises) .

  • Radiation Thermometer and Infrared Thermal Imaging Standards
    Formal standards from around the world used for testing or otherwise quantifying properties of thermal imaging equipment.

  • Thermography Uses or Applications:
    Information on where and how Infrared Thermal Imaging is used.

  • Vendors of Infrared Thermal Imagers & Equipment
    Companies whose principle business is the making and/or selling of thermography equipment.

  • Infrared Thermography Resources
    Organizations, meetings, associations involved with Infrared Thermal Imaging and Thermography.

  • Infrared Thermography Service Companies
    Organizations that supply Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection or Survey Services to others.

  • Infrared Thermal Imager Training Programs
    Companies that make a business of training Infrared Thermographers.

  • Emissivity...not Mystery
    Otherwise known in these parts as The E-missivity Trail. A few pages on this site that attempt an easily understood explanation of the basics about what emissivity is in practice. It's short enough, but promises to expand if enough people visit and feedback. There's more to it yet unpublished (more promises). This section includes some references to books and articles which delve deeper into the technology.

    Emissivity, if you did not already know, is a major word and seemingly major complication in infrared thermography and thermometry. It is one that is most often misunderstood (mis-spelled, too) and maligned as a major source of measurement error. In truth the "culprit's" real name is Spectral Emissivity, which doesn't get proper attention near often enough. It is a proud member of the family of physical phenomena known as Optical Properties of Matter!

    So, what is the truth? Is Emissivity="Bad Guy" or is it just an innocent bystander? If you take a trip on the E-missivity Trail, you'll travel a bit closer to the beginning of the truth. You might as well start at the beginning. That way, when you get the fundamentals correct the rest is a lot easier.

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