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Thermal Imagers

For the present, this page is very similar to the page for thermal imager vendors. That page contains a more complete, up to date list of them. Those web sites have all the technical details on the different types of equipment available and complete specifications. There is no sense to reproduce that information here. But there are some images below to give one an idea of the appearance of some of the equipment on the market. A more detailed summary of the technologies used and how these devices work is in progress and will replace much of this page later.

Come back and see it.

The left image (below) is a modern hand-held, portable device manufactured by Raytheon and resold by several companies. Raytheon makes a wide range of products for thermal imaging including the sensors used in some General Motors consumer vehicles. It is notable in that the viewscreen on the device shown here, seen canted forward on top of the body, is a Compaq PDA computer.

The image on the right shows a variety of products available from Indigo Systems, Corporation, a subsidiary of Flir Systems. This product range includes devices operating in the Near IR, Mid-IR and LW-IR, as shown by the arrows pointing to the horizontal color bars representing a portion of the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum. The Indigo Systems devices include hand-held, fixed installation and research models.

Image PalmIR™ courtesy of Raytheon                                              Image courtesy of Indigo Systems.
  • Ann Arbor Sensor Systems, LLC (USA)
    A manufacturer of a very low-cost thermal camera based on large-format thermopile focal-plane array technology. Advanced features make this the world's first true thermal web camera. All units are fully radiometric, operate without shutters, and require no export license.

  • FLIR in the USA
    The best of (former) Hughes, Agema and Inframetrics equipments, Thermal Imagers and Area measuring thermometers in addition to their reknown line of airborne imagers. All with a cross industry orientation from surveying power lines to predictive maintenance and process control.

  • Indigo Systems
    (A division of FLIR Systems) makes many unique and high performance thermal imaging systems.

  • Infrared Cameras
    A group of equipment and applications specialists around the USA.

  • Infrared Solutions, Inc. in the USA,
    Make innovative,low cost Thermal Imagers which resemble hand-held snapshot cameras plus software that enable users to see images directly on a desktop or portable PC.

  • IRISYS of the UK
    A relative newcomer to the market with a unique, compact, handheld, rugged portable imagers that sets an all time cost benchmark (Read:REALLY, REALLY LOW!!!) Ok, so the resolution is a little coarse, but what you get for your money plus it reads every 1/6th of a second, stores images, downloads to a pc when needed and the size; they'll be doing flips at many competitiors' sales meetings over these products! Back to the drawing boards, folks, the battles have begun for an imager in every pocket!

  • Ircon, Inc. in Niles Illinois, USA ,
    Make & sell Line-measuring , and two recent additional products in the thermal imaging and area measuring thermometers, Ircon's product line is possibly the largest product line in the world and they are one of the major suppliers. Also calibration equipment and basic IR application know-how. Look for their road show schedule.

  • Land Infrared in The UK (near Sheffield) with offices and service centers in the USA, Germany, France, Italy and Japan (to name a few) ,
    Maker of ruggedized Line and Area measuring thermometers plus distributors of precision handheld spot units (called by the name of an ancient one-eyed mythological monster) made by Minolta Camera Company of Japan. Also has a wide range of calibration equipment and a huge range of industrial spot thermometers.

  • Mikron Instruments,Co. Inc. (USA)
    Maker and reseller of Spot and Area thermometers and their own unique shortwavelength thermal area measuring devices for high temperatures. Also supply several specialized thermal imagers for industrial and research use. A major supplier of calibration equipment; has a wide product range of black body simulators.

  • Monroe Infrared Technology
    Infrared Process Cameras, Security Systems, Software and Training Programs.

  • MSA (USA)
    A Pennsylvania company which recently acquired an IR imaging company from New Mexico.

  • NEC
    The Japanese company NEC san-ei Instruments,LTD. has made high resolution thermal Imaging systems for many years, including specialty units for Medical Thermal Imaging having a measurement span of 0 to 70°C. More recently they have been producing portable general purpose devices at more competitive prices and capabilities. Mikron Instruments is their dealer in the USA.

  • Optotherm, Inc.(USA)
    Designs and manufactures thermal imaging systems for applications such as electronics thermal analysis and fever screening of humans.

  • Pyrometer Instrument Company, Inc. in the USA
    Makers of unique Radiation Thermometers with integrated laser reflectometer, a unique line-scanning system and is one of two last-known active makers of Optical Pyrometers.

  • Raytek, Inc. in Santa Cruz Calif., USA
    and with plants and/or offices in Germany, Japan, China and So. America, Makers of Spot and Line measuring thermometers. Calibration equipment, too.

  • Raytheon (USA)
    A manufacturer of many high-tech, relatively low-cost thermal imaging systems primarily for integrating into other company's products, such as the GM night vision system and systems for fire and law enforcement use.

  • Si Termografia Infraroja-(Argentina)
    Providing Infrared temperature measurement and Thermal Imaging expertise and equipmet for most of the South American market (The home site of Andres E. Rozlosnik, co-chair of SPIE's Thermosense Conferences for 2001 and 2002)

  • Spectrodyne, Inc.(USA)
    One of the very few independent IR calibration companies, also sells its own new Optical Pyrometer and offers other non-contact spot sensors on a resale basis.

  • Spiricon (USA)
    Long respected for their industrial designs and scientific capabilities, Spiricon is on the verge of maketing their unique Pyroelectric array imagers used in laser beam profiling in the thermal imaging world.

  • Thermoteknix of the UK
    Provides Scanner software, a new line scanning RT plus a very new, Near-IR thermal imaging system.

  • Thermal Wave Imaging
    The next generation of infrared measurement capabilities for subsurface flaw and defect detection in everything from airplane bodies to piping systems. Check out this organization and their unique capabilities for NDT of subsurface flaws.

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