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Thermistor Vendors


Thermistors are special solid temperature sensors that behave like temperature-sensitive resistors; hence their name is a contraction of "thermal" and "resistor". They are mostly very small bits of special material that exhibit more than just temperature sensitivity.

During the last 60 years or so, only ceramic materials (a mix of different metal oxides) was employed for production of NTC thermistors. In 2003, AdSem, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) developed and started manufacturing of NTC thermistors made of semiconductors materials, Silicon and Germanium, having both higher and lower temperature measurement capabilities and better overall performance than any ceramic NTC thermistors.

Thermistors are highly-sensitive and have very reproducible resistance Vs. temperature properties. They are used inside many other devices as temperature sensing and correction devices as well as in specialty temperature sensing probes for commerce, science and industry.

Thermistors typically work over a relatively small temperature range, compared to other temperature sensors, and can be very accurate and precise within that range, although not all are. Some, like the semiconductor types have expanded the reach of these little devices.

Below are some links to website sources of thermistors, both Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) and Negative Temperature Coefficient (NTC) -- see comments for which vendors offer which types.

The general rule of thumb is that most vendors default offerings are NTC, unless they say otherwise.

Like many things on the Web, it is a bit of underedited data, but edited enough to make it useful to some, hopefully you.

Thanks for visiting.

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Featured Link
AdSem, Inc.
Supplier of novel Si and Ge NTC thermistors with unique performance capabilities from below normal cryogenic to 500 C

Thermistor Vendors

  1. AdSem, Inc.
    Supplier of novel Si and Ge NTC thermistors with unique performance: the highest operating temperature, the widest interchangeability temperature range, the highest thermosensitivity, the smallest size and universal R-T dependence.
    AdSem, Inc. is only company in the world that offers NTC thermistors with the best performance for any temperature range between 10mK and 500 C. They also offers the smallest semiconductor RF and low-temperaturre IR bolometers.

  2. Advanced Thermal Products
    Manufacturers of custom and standard temperature sensing probes and assemblies as well as PTC and NTC thermistors. ATP supplies products to the HVAC, Appliance, Food Service, Pool & Spa, Medical and Electronics Industries from St. Marys, PA
  3. AllGuy International Co. Ltd (Taiwan)
    Temperature Sensing Thermistors, High-Precision AT Type, Diode Type and Surface Mount Chip Thermistors.
  4. Ametherm
    Offers both NTC and PTC devices and four downloadable applications notes in pdf covering temperature measurement, temperature compensation circuits and calculating the temperature coefficient of a thermistor as part of their NTC Thermistor Application Notes
  5. Apprise Technology, Inc.'s (USA)
    TempLine™ Sensor Array of point sensors either specialized, thermistor or RTD in waterproof cables complete with data acquisition device.

  6. BetaTHERM Sensors(USA & Ireland)
    BetaTHERM manufactures high precision NTC thermistors and temperature probe assemblies. Products include leadless chips, discrete thermistors SMDs, glass thermistors,standard and custom temperature probes.
  7. Cornerstone Sensors, Inc.
    Cornerstone Sensors specializes in NTC thermistor technology, offering a diversity of product configurations to meet a multitude of design and engineering requirements.

  8. EPCOS, Inc.(USA & Germany)
    Thermistors (few words-lots of products)

  9. Fenwall Electronics Group,(USA)
    Division of Invesys Sensor Systems-- NTC and PTC Thermistors
  10. GEC Instruments (USA)
    Precision temperature instruments feature highly stable thermistor probes with overall system measurement accuracy of ±0.001°C over the range of -5 to 60°C. Resolution is ±0.0002°C or better. These units are available with single or multiple inputs and they connect to a PC via RS232 serial port or USB. Instruments are accompanied by a versatile Windows software package for display, plotting and logging of temperatures. GEC Instruments also provide custom thermocouples, custom thermocouple calibration and RTD probes & data loggers.
  11. Hanna Instruments' products
    Provides the Model HI 9040, a hand-held digital thermometer that uses an interchangeable probe with thermistor sensor to deliver fast response and high accuracy. for the range:-58.0° to 302°F (-50.0 to 150.0°C). A wide variety of interchangeable probes for applications such as air, liquid and penetration are available.
  12. Hyper-Sense Technology Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
    A manufacturer and distributor of thermistors, sensors, varistors & fuses.
  13. Kalglo Products
    Makes Heavy Duty Temperature Controllers for Heat Lamps and Electric Radiant Infrared Heaters with thermistor temperature sensor included.
  14. Kele & Associates
    A manufacturer of specialty sensors and controls covering a wide range of HVAC uses. Also a unique website with a virtual treasure of useful technical information on thermistors and other topics (e.g." The Truth about NIST Traceability") written in plain language worth just about any engineer's visit. Also the home of the Kele calculator for converting between units for a number of variables including four different temperature scales, much like our own desktop temperature conversion program, but this one operates live on the web!
  15. McShane, Inc. (USA)
    Customized OEM Temperature Sensors: Thermistors- VARIETY OF CURVES
  16. McShane, Inc. (USA)
    Standard Thermistors such as 15KOhm @25°C, Type: NTC , Curve: Fenwall Curve 16 and links to more.
  17. MMC Electronics America Inc.
    Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, a world leader in the production for ceramic electronic components and advanced electronic materials has variety of unique Thermistor,Thermistor sensor,Temperature sensor,Chip thermistor,NTC thermistor,Surge absorber and more.,
  18. Nichicon USA
    Mostly PTC thermistors and electronic capitors, but also a uniques series of technical notes in short story form called the Nichicon Mini Story;into its second series on Units.
  19. NIC Components Corp
    Surface mount thermistors among other electronics components.
  20. Oven Industries
    For 40 years, Oven Industries has specialized in the design and manufacture of custom electronic controllers and sensors. Along with their custom design services, they provide standard temperature sensors and controllers for heating and cooling applications including those that use thermoelectric modules (Peltier modules).
  21. NIC Components Corp
    Surface mount thermistors among other electronics components.
  22. Picotech: Temperature Measurement and Logging
    Their Model TH-03 allows up to 3 channels of temperature to be recorded onto a PC. It uses precision thermistors to give an accuracy that was previously only obtainable using expensive platinum PT100 sensors. They also make similar devices for logging multi-channel temperature readings from thermocoups and RTDs.
  23. Precision Measurement Engineering
    Is an instrumentation development and manufacturing company based in southern California. We manufacture instruments and sensors for high resolution measurement of electrical conductivity, temperature, fluorescence, turbidity, and PAR concentration in water. These instruments are designed for laboratory and field use.Their products have been used in research institutions worldwide since 1982.
  24. Precon, Inc.
    NTC Thermistors,
    RTDs, and Humidity Sensors available in standards or custom probes. Precon also designs and builds controllers and can provide turnkey sensing and control solutions
  25. Quality Thermistor, Inc. (USA) Boise, Idaho
    At the web address www.thermistor.com< Special surface mount thermistors in both PTC and NTC as well as military grade, special NTC probes for Gas/Air/Liquids and surface temperature measurement.
  26. Selco Products Co..(USA) Anaheim, CA
    Selco's high-quality, high-performance negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistors include epoxy coated interchangeable, surface mount, DO35 glass, and thin film models. Custom options in probes, configurations, leads, and connections are available. For more information, go to: www.selcoproducts.com/cfm/ntc_thermistor_toc.cfm
  27. Sensor Scientific, Inc.(USA) Fairfield, New Jersey,..
    "Your Design Partner for Thermistors and Temperature Assemblies"
  28. Smith Systems Inc (USA) Brevard, North Carolina,
    Standard and Custom Sensors for Speed, Motion and Temperature - Cabling and Controls
  29. TempSensor.net
    See more on their Directories. NOTE:Vendors can list themselves there at no cost-IT'S FREE and EASY!
  30. Thermalogic Temperature and Process Controllers and Sensors(USA)
    Temperature control is Thermalogic's only business. They've been at it for 30+ years , and will basically build what you want including thermistor sensors-based systems.
  31. Thermik (USA & Germany)
    Manufacture thermal protectors in the US.
  32. Therm O-Disc NTC and PTC Thermistors(USA)
    Therm-O-Disc NTC thermistors offer economical, reliable and accurate solutions to those applications requiring more extensive sensing than the one or two temperature points typically offered by a bimetallic thermostat. Therm-O-Disc has been custom engineering and marketing polymeric PTC circuit protectors for over 15 years. Their product provides solid state protection against over temperature and/or over current conditions.
  33. Thermometrics, Inc. - now an integral part of GE's Measurement & Control Solutions (USA)
    Offer a wide array of thermistors and sensing assemblies designed to meet just about every application.
  34. U.S. Sensor Corp. (USA)
    Make a wide variety of NTC Thermistors in many forms from surface mount to probe assemblies as small as 0.017" (~0.5 mm) max o.d.. Also supplier of RTDs.
  35. Vishay (USA)
    Specialty thermistors for electronics and other uses from one of the world's largest makers of passive electronic components.
  36. Wavelength Electronics, Inc (USA)
    Manufacturers of specialized temperature sensors and controllers for laser diode assemblies and related electronics temperature control equipment used in R&D and production.
  37. Western Electronic Component Corp (USA)
    NTC Inrush Current Limiters, Surface Mount Products, Linear PTC Thermistors (Over Temp Protection/ Compensation), Switching PTC Thermistors (Over Temperature Protection) NTC Solid Body Thermistors (Temp Measurement/Compensation) and NTC Thick Film Thermistors (Temp Measurement/Compensation)
  38. Wuntronic GmbH(Germany)
    Different NTC Thermistors, e.g. SMALL BEAD & GLASS PROBE NTC Thermistors, -50°C to +300°C. GLASS ENCAPSULATED Thermistor Probes Series 0° to 70°C. INTERCHANGEABLE WAFER Thermistors to 150°C. , Tolerances to 0.1°C, and many different types of thermistor assemblies. Also supply Data-Recorder / Data-Logger, (1 to 16 Channels) for Temperature, RH, voltage, current and pressure with Software and Sensor selection. and miniature two channel Data Logger for temperature measurements. Range: -30°C to +75°C (+120°C at external Sensor) with sampling rate of 10 Sec. to 20 Min.
  39. YPco Electronics(Greece)
    Supply a wide variety of electronics components and sensors and control products especially NTC Thermistors and Temperature sensing probes as well as Pt and Mo RTDs.

Also note The Temperature Sensors Directories Web Site, a companion site set up to enable direct inputs from temperature sensor users and makers. Vendors, do visit there. Sign in and enter your own company data, product and service offerings and news-It's been Improved! Users can post reports & reviews of companies, news, products and services. Note that inputs are moderated for propriety and excess zeal! Best of all, it is freely available and "self service".

GEC Instruments
AdSem Thermistors

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