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There is a large body of scholarly and in-depth technical work existing in the published, open literature related to temperature sensors and their use. Listed below are some of the notable publications of which we are aware, principally in book form. Most university and large city libraries in the USA and Western Europe will have copies of these works. As they become available, we will also publish links to pages with additional resources, papers and presentations, They will be added to the list immediately before the book list below.

Needless to say, there is a large body of work on the same subject scattered about the Internet. However the Net "stuff" is neither organized nor vetted. There is a lot of chaff among the wheat on the Net as most everyone who uses search engine will find. This latter information has been somewhat organized here on this site. At least that is the intent.

So, if you can't get to the library, you might find what you seek on the other pages of this site. Perhaps not. The good news is that the information does exist in the libraries of the world in a reviewed and organized fashion. Perhaps one day soon it will be available over the Internet through a site like this one.

Recently, some full text copies of published review articles have been found on the Internet. These are indicated below where pertinant with the usual hypertext link identification.  Other links shown for published books are for publisher links that provide more information about the book.

Among these newer listings of journal papers and conference presentations we have are:

  1. The thermometric publications and presentations of R. P. Reed, PhD, PE.
    Known for his special expertise in thermocouples with special emphasis of thermoelectric inhomogeneity and the ability to write clearly.

  2. The recent papers published by NIST workers in the USA
    Some of these are available as complete copies from the NIST website in Adobe Acrobat (*.pdf) format-Note that there are at least two distinct groups at NIST that perform work related to temperature sensors and measurement, the Thermometery Group and the Optical Thermometry & Spectral Methods Group. The Thermometery Group is mainly concerned with contact temperature sensors and related standards as well as humidity measurements methods and standards. The Optical Thermometery & Spectral Methods Group is mainly involved with Radiation Thermometeric methods and radiometry and photometry. Paper copies of NIST publications are available on request from: andrea.swiger@nist.gov
  3. The recent papers from the Australian national metrology laboratory, known more simply as CSIRO, The Australian measurements group are very active in thermometery and publish quite a few articles.
  4. Books and Series of Significant Publications
    Published once a year or less frequently.
  5. Serial Refereed and Unrefereed Publications, Journals
    Typically published once or more per year.


The Spectropyrometer from FAR Associates

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