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Thermocouple Vendors


Listed here are web sites for some thermocouple vendors and related products around the world. It is incomplete and will cover more organizations in time. Some of the related products includes connectors, insulation specialties, indicators and controllers and much more. A trip through a good sized thermocouple manufacturer's catalog is an excursion into a new and wondrous world for a first-timer. (Never knew there were so many plumbers involved in making temperature measurements!)

After that it's more like an engineer's dream. (e.g. Where is that 4-holed mullite bead insulation for the Inconel sheath that'll be used with my type K ungrounded junction device having the ceramic junction block in the cast iron, right angle head with a 1" NPT male threaded pipe nipple? Should we use an aluminum head?)

Engineers, enjoy!

Featured Link
GEC Instruments (USA)
Multiple channel thermocouple based temperature data loggers connect to a PC via RS232 serial port or USB.Built in calibration wizard enables user calibration of individual thermocouples to attain overall system measurement accuracy of better than ± 0.1, including thermocouple wire error. GEC Instruments also provide custom thermocouples and custom thermocouple calibrations.

Vendor List

  1. A J Thermosensors Ltd,(UK)
    West Sussex " Wherever a temperature measurement is required, AJT can supply both the sensor and the instrumentation to suit the application"; Thermocouples; RTDs, and more.
  2. AccuTru International(USA)
    Self-validating, self-diagnostic temperature measurement systems, extended life, mineral insulated thermocouples, ceramic noble metal thermocouples for glass tanks and other high temperature uses and thermocouples for gas turbines.

  3. Alloy Engineering(USA)
    Manufacturers of Thermowells in Bridgeport Connecticut.

  4. ARi Industries (USA)
    One of the thermocouple companies known for their specialty in very high temperature thermocouples.

  5. ARi Industries Ltd(UK)
    Home page

  6. Paul Beckman Company ( USA)
    The source for ultra-thin thermocouple wire and small, fast-responding thermocouple probes.

  7. Biodata: Measurement and Control Index (in the UK)

  8. Biodata: Thermocouple Tables (in the UK) for Accuracy

  9. Branom/LITERATURE/thermocouple

  10. Brearley (U.K.)
    Brearley, part of RM&C Ltd, is a leading ISO 9001/2000 manufacturer of all types of thermocouples, MIs RTDs, thermowells and associated accessories such as extension cable, plugs and sockets. Contact sales@roxspurmc.co.uk or visit their website at www.controlsdirect.com.

  11. Carpenter Technology Home Page

  12. Cobra Wire & Cable, Inc.

  13. Controlco Products Page

  14. Conax Buffalo Technologies,
    A leading USA manufacturer of temperature sensors including thermocouples, special feedthru seals and connectors and RTDs

  15. W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc.USA)
    A thermocouple manufacturer that specializes in specialty thermocouples and related temperature indicators and controllers for the Baking Industry. Also a manufacturers rep for other instrumentation. In Maryland.

  16. Douglas Engineering
    Manufacturer of hermetic feedthrough connectors and harness in thermocouple alloys Texas (USA).

  17. Electrical & Electronics Corporation (India)
    Process Control Instrumentation Sensors and accessories, e.g. Thermocouples, RTDs, cables & Thermowells.
  18. First Capitol Wire & Cable Co. Inc.

  19. GEC Instruments (USA)
    Multiple channel thermocouple based temperature data loggers connect to a PC via RS232 serial port or USB. Instruments are accompanied by a versatile Windows software package for display, plotting and logging of temperatures. Built in calibration wizard enables user calibration of individual thermocouples to attain overall system measurement accuracy of better than ± 0.1, including thermocouple wire error. GEC Instruments also provide custom thermocouples and custom thermocouple calibrations.

  20. Global Wire & Cable, Inc.
    Thermocouple and Extension Wire

  21. Goodfellow Corp. (USA)
    Thermoelectric alloys in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.

  22. Hereaus Electronite
    Makers of disposable thermocouples and related specialties for the metals industries. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and elsewhere.

  23. Hewitt Industries,
    Manufacturers of thermocouples

  24. I2R
    New Products makers of thermocouples, measuring and heating systems and controls.

  25. Industrifil (France)
    A manufacturer of miniature insulated wires and cables (copper and thermocouple).

  26. Industrial Process & Sensor,(USA)
    Claiming to be the world's oldest manufacturer of thermocouple and extension lead wires,  IPS also manufactures thermocouple heads, MgO or MI cable, RTDs, protection tubes, thermowells and insulators.

  27. Instrument Service & Equipment, Inc.(USA)
    In Cleveland Ohio. Their name says it all!

    including International Color (Colour) Codes -from ISE in Cleveland Ohio, USA.

  29. JMS Southeast (USA)
    Statesville, North Carolina, .... TC maker and supplier of all kinds of temperature sensors to industry and commerce from North Carolina USA
  30. Jumo Process Control
    Food thermometers, thermocouples, control and more
    (Formerly known as Heaton Co.) Manufactures industrial electric heaters and temperature sensors (mica band heaters, ceramic band heaters, air heaters, thermocouple and RTD sensors for precise control) that can be customized for most applications.
  32. Labfacility Temperature Newsletter from the UK

  33. La Termotecnica(Italy)(Italiana and English)
    LA TERMOTECNICA e' una societa' Italiana, fondata nel 1976 e' una tra le prime aziende italiane a produrre e progettare con tecnologia propria sonde a termocoppia e termoresistenza.
    [LA TERMOTECNICA, an Italian company set up in 1976, is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production and design of temperature sensors based on proprietary thermocouple and RTD technology.]

  34. Marlin Manufacturing(USA)
    Inventors of the TC quick connector, Cleveland, Ohio
  35. Minco Products. , (USA)
    Manufacturers of thermocouples and more in Minneapolis, Minn,

  36. MTI Sensors (USA)
    Thermocouples, transmitters, wire &cable and much more in Lewisville, Texas,

  37. AMSD Laboratory Capabilities at NASA in the USA.

  38. Nanmac Corporation (USA)
    In Framingham, Mass, well established as a manufacturer of high performance thermocouples and RTDs for over 50 years, NANMAC is fast becoming the leader in long-life, high accuracy thermocouples for high temperature use in vacuum furnace applications. Constant innovation is their forte' with a particular focus on the difficult to measure temperatures, as well as custom designs for use in research or OEM requirements. This expertise is also evident in their approach to the standard off-the-shelf type of units.

  39. Omega Engineering (USA)
    The giant of Catalog TC Sales and more in Conn and N.J, and elsewhere around the world.

  40. Peak Sensors (UK)
    A TC maker and instrumentation supplier in Chesterfield, Derbyshire .

  41. Pentronic (Sweden)
    A leading supplier of temperature measurement equipment in Scandinavia for industry, research and education. Manufactures primarily Pt 100 and thermocouple elements. Their calibration laboratory is accredited for temperature, electrical resistance and current (SWEDAC 0076). The laboratory is unique among European manufacturers and has resources to rival many national laboratories. They also offer an extensive range of calibration training programs. Visit their website to get an idea of what can be done with technical information on the Web.

  42. Pyro Electric Inc.(USA & INDIA)
    A ‘Design to Engineer’ manufacturer of Thermocouples, RTDs and their assemblies, plus Temperature and Pressure gages. They have a track record as suppliers to Oil Refineries, Petrochemical Plants and other process industries. They are ISO 9001:2000 certified along with ATEX 94/9/EC approved. Customers include Exxon Mobil, Petronas, Reliance, GAIL, L & T Ltd, and Samsung.

  43. Pyromation Inc(USA)
    The site pages where (downloadable) tables for non-USA standard TC types, RTD resistance vs temperature tables and specifications for several thermocouple and RTD types can be found.Ft. Wane, Indiana

  44. Pyrotek, Inc. (USA)
    Thermocouples in Spokane, Washington.

  45. RÜEGER S.A.
    One of the world's largest makers of high quality bimetallic, gas pressure and thermoelectric temperature sensors

  46. Sandelius Instruments, Inc.(USA)
    Multipoint thermocouples, bearing thermocouples, thermowells in Houston Texas,

  47. SensorTec Inc., USA
    A thermocouple supplier that specializes in high quality and innovative sensor solutions with expertise in food & sanitary temperature measurements
  48. SMI - The Medical Marketplace - Cryosurgical Instruments
  49. STOLAB (USA)
    "Accurate Industrial Thermometers"
  50. TC Ltd (UK)
  51. TechniCAL: Ecklund Thermocouple Receptacles

  52. Temprox(USA)
    Thermocouple and RTD assemblies in Lakeland, Fla.

  53. Temp-Pro Inc (USA)
    ..Temperature Sensing Professionals, Northampton, Mass.
  54. Tempsens Instruments India
    An ISO 9001/2000 certified manufacturer of all types of thermocouples, RTDs, Thermowells, Calibration Baths and associated accessories such as Connection Heads, Compensating Cable and Ceramic Tubes. Thermocouples includes standard Base metal, Noble Metal and special thermocouples in simplex, duplex and multipoints in a variety of sheath materials. They manufacture custom built products and have been supplying to many countries all round the Globe.

  55. Thermo-Electra b.v.(Netherlands)
    "Your partner in temperature sensors"-Industrial thermocouples to accompany their specialty RTDs and Thermowells .

  56. Thermo Electric Co. Inc, (USA)
    Thermocouple, Extension Wire, RTDs and more in Saddle Brook, NJ.

  57. Thermo Kinetics Co. Inc, (Canada)
    The knowledgeable and nicest guys (ioho) in all of Canada, Mississauga ONT and other cities.

  58. Thermometrics Corp. (USA)
  59. Thermocouples, Extension Wire and RTDs for the process industries and OEMs in Northridge, Calif.

  60. Technical Industrial Products (USA)
    Thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells and more in Cherry Hill, NJ.

  61. Versa Gauge USA
    Unique dual tc/Bimet or RTD/Bimet with industrial round gauges (3"& 5") in ANSI 304 SS-to provide both local and remote temperature values.

  62. Watlow and Watlow-Gordon (USA)
    For thermocouples in the midwest, St. Louis, Mo.
  63. York Wire -Thermocouples (USA)
    Bulk bare wire, insulated wire of all calibrations, extension wire, connectors and more.
  64. Thermocouple Technology Inc. (USA)
    Thermocouples, Thermowells, RTDs, Transmitters, Thermocouple Wire, Indicators, Controllers and more in Quakertown, Pennsylvania.

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GEC Instruments



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