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Thermocouple Tables: ITS-90 From NIST

Thermocouple tables or thermocouple calibration tables are just that, tables of dc millivolt output for a thermocouple type. They are usually given in one degree increments referenced to either 0C or 32F according on the whether the Table is in Fahrenheit or Celcius.

It is also possible to develop mathematical formulae, called polynomials (of the forms V=a + bT + cT^2 +dT^3 +eT^4+...... and T=A + BV + CV^2 + DV^3 + ET^4.....) relating output voltage to temperature or vice versa. In this way the calibration table and its inverse can be stored in a computer algorithim and used to provide a temperature reading when receiving a voltage signal from a thermocouple, or in generating a voltage to be used to simulate a thermocouple output, for example, in testing a meter or data acquisition system. One of the principle sources for these polynomials is found in the publication linked below.
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Thermocouple tables for Letter-Designated Thermocouple Types based on the ITS-90 -
This data comes from the web site of The United States' National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and can be obtained from that site by clicking on the direct link above. It contains a background on the Temperature Scale and the various interpolating mathematical formulae that can be used to generate the tables of thermocouple voltage output versus temperature.


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