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When you shop here, you help us continue our work of bringing free educational information about temperature sensors and other measurement devices to the Internet at no cost to web users around the world! The various items and sites listed below, and on related pages, help us generate revenue to maintain this and other educational and informative websites.

Of course, if you prefer, you can always just donate by clicking here.

If you want to help, but prefer not to shop or donate, we undestand. There are other ways, though to contribute to the worldwide community of temperature sensor users and makers (at the last look, we have regular visitors from more than eighty-two different countries!) and the growing community of MeasurementDevices.com users .

Consider joining in our effort by contributing an interesting story, technical article, new product, new application, equipment or meeting review or other related item on the technology and use of temperature sensors. We have established two companion websites called The Temperature Community Site at http://www.tempsensor.net and Measurement Devices at http://www.MeasurementDevices.com where anyone can contribute and many already have. The latter two sites are also news sources, with daily updates on news in their respective fields of concentration.

If your organization has some information on their website that you think is good and useful to the public at large, submit it as a link with appropriate commentary. There's no charge, plus your organization gets credit for a useful resources and our visitors have more resources to visit.

Realize that all submissions are reviewed for appropriateness, grammar and excess sales zeal.

We maymerge these two temperature sensor sites in the near future with larger vendor directories and access to countless technical information sources on the web about temperature sensors. We will need even more help then in the form of volunteer surfers for tech info, editors to consolidate and present the information and moderators to review forums and contributions posted to the site.

Until then, thank you for visiting and contributing, even if it is only a kind thought.

Meanwhile here are some of the sales pages now available:


Portable IR Thermometers With Laser and Thermocouple Temperature Sensors

Medical & Clinical Temperature Sensors Sales

Home use medical or clinical thermometers for fever and ovulation checking that we have found for sale on the Web. These seem to be excellent prices for a limited range of products.


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Yankee Candle
YC has candles and gift specials with lots of ideas for thoughtful people.

P.S. Interested in a listing on our vendor directories.
It's self service at both TempSensor.net and at MeasurementDevices.com .

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