Types of  Noncontact Sensors

  1. Radiation Thermometers (RTs)

    Includes Pyrometers,  line-measuring thermometers (most of the time they’re called line scanners-but all don’t scan) and infrared (IR) radiation thermometers, or, perhaps the most-misused term of all time, spot radiometers. Possibly a more precise term for them is: “Thermal Radiation Thermometer”, but “Radiation Thermometer” seems to be a reasonable sub-title for the entire set of devices that measure temperature the way they do.

  2. Thermal Imagers

    Quantitative thermal imagers are a special sub-class of these thermal imaging devices, they measure radiation temperature distributions as well as showing a false color thermal image.Some thermal Imagers, in fact, most of the earliest devices were intended and designed as devices to view thermal or “Heat” images, rather than qualitatively measure temperature.

  3. Infrared (IR or Laser) Thermometers

    They are some of the misnamed devices of a type of radiation thermometer that has sprung into being with low priced offerings, as if there were a fundamental difference between them and all other types of thermal radiation thermometers. (So you shouldn’t be too surprised when you find the link here takes you to the same place as the link for Radiation Thermometers.)


  4. All IR Thermometers are Radiation Thermometers !

    However, not all Radiation Thermometers are Infrared Thermometers. Some measure in the visible portion of the Electromagnetic Spectrum like the Optical Pyrometers of old. The differences are not in function, but rather in design, cosmetics, naming and sometimes price

  5. Line Scanners

  6. Night Vision Devices

  7. Optical Pyrometers

    The old and trusty Optical Pyrometer (Disappearing Filament Pyrometer or DFP) not only refuses to go away, there’s even a next generation (“Next Gen”) version on the market.

  8. Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors

    There’s enough uses and varieties of fiber optic-related temperature sensors these days to require a separate  category for them. There really are two groups of them: contact and noncontact fiber optic thermometers.

  9. Other Noncontact  Temperature Sensors

    There’s quite a list of them, the “Other” devices, beginning with hybrid systems and multiwavelength pyrometers, already, and it’s sure to grow.

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