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— Moisture —

Although this area basically grew out of application of temperature sensors, the sensors have become more than just one or two temperature sensors with an accompanying Psychrometric Chart or Humidity Software graph, or table or (more likely today) software or a calculator. That’s for moisture in air, something we hear often in the TV news weather reports.

Moisture sensors have a wide range of names, from Hygrometers, to Psychrometers, to dewpoint sensors, dewpoint temperature sensors, absolute humidity sensors and so on.

Also there’s more to moisture than just humidity of air. There’s also moisture in other gases, moisture contained within food stuffs and cooked food, paper & cardboard, dry wall, sawdust & wood and much more. We have more pages for them (but if the links aren’t right here, they’re not ready yet).

Wet Bulb-Dry Bulb Hygrometers

Remember the old style humidity indicators that consisted of two little glass thermometers, the wet and dry bulb thermometers with a little look up table?

That was a partial psychrometric table, that told you the humidity, both absolute and relative and the dewpoint temperature.

Also have a look at related applications areas, humidity is a very important area of measurement technology in terms of human comfort, food safety, energy conservation and energy efficiency in thermal processes.

Also look into our pages on Dewpoint Sensors and other moisture measurement devices to appreciate and possibly better understand the advances in technology for both moisture in gases (humidity) and, while we’re at it, a bit about Moisture Measurement and the measurement devices for solids & liquids as well.

Yes, Ashley, there can be also be moisture (mostly water) in other liquids as any owner of a diesel-powered vehicle can readily attest.

We already are more than familiar with the concept of moisture in solids, like wet t-shirts and other materials.

But how, the heck is it quantified or measured and what devices are there to do the measuring?

It’s is done by a variety of devices and methods that fall generally under the title of “Moisture Analysers” of “Moisture Analysis”. In solids it can be as simple as Weight-Dry-Weigh or as complex as Infrared Absorption Spectroscopy.

Measurement in liquids is yet another story and there the devices used for measurement of dewpoint temperature work quite well as long as the gases are not too hot or too corrosive.

The uses have considerable impact on product quality in manufacturing of food products like bread, or wooden products to the cost of shipping taconite pellets in an ore carrier.

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