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SARS Temperature News & Basics-2004

The SARS scare in 2003 prompted many initiatives to reduce the rate of its spread by monitoring people, especially travelers, for some symptoms. Elevated body temperature is one of the easiest symptom to detect. An increased body temperature, or fever, from the "normal" (98.6 °F or 37°C) is often a good clinical indication of possible infection. It results from the body's increased metabolic rate, an automatic response to infection. For information on the relation between SARS and temperature see the FAQ on the SARS page on this site.

This page is aimed at providing a summary of reports found and the related types of temperature sensors involved in 2004. An earlier page developed in 2003 is archived under a slightly different name, sarsnews-03.html.

Since this is primarily an educational web site about temperature sensors, there may be links to more details on the different types of sensors involved, where indicated.

Temperatures Sensors and Thermal Imagers In SARS Counter Measures

News & Comments:
(Note: Links indicated are to sources and to more detailed information about temperature sensors)

April 23, 2004,
BEIJING (Reuters) - China placed its borders on an emergency footing against SARS after finding the first two suspected cases. China's State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine issued an order for quarantine of anyone found with a fever at the border.

April 23, 2004,
BEIJING (Google News Cluster)
China Reports Confirmed SARS Cases-Steps up Screening

In Beijing, one person has reportedly died, apparently the first SARS fatality in China since last July. Also 188 were quarantined and five reportedly had fevers. Health workers were deployed on Friday at Hong Kong's airport and a railway station to check the temperatures of passengers arriving from the Chinese mainland. Officials on Friday isolated at least five other people who reported suffering fevers and were monitoring many more.In Anhui, 117 people were quarantined and one person showed symptoms of fever.

April 13, 2004-Orlando FL, USA
"Stopping outbreak of SARS with infrared cameras", the title of a presentation by M. Wu of Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology CO. LTD, China, at ThermoSense XXVI describes results of scanning 30,000,000 people in China between April and June 2003 and successful detection of persons with SARS....MORE at the ThermoSense Conference website

April 13, 2004-Orlando FL, USA
"Types of thermal imaging systems for mass fever screening and their evaluation" A presentation from the Singapore Standards, Productivity and Innovation Board at ThermoSense XXVI, discusses the equipment, test methods for evaluation and the development of a technical Reference Document that may lead to a new testing standard. MORE at the ThermoSense Conference website.

April 13, 2004-Orlando FL, USA
"Development and deployment of infrared fever screening systems" A presentation by M.J. Soo of Singapore's Defence Science and Technology Agency at ThermoSense XXVI profiling the equipment and software developed to test travellers for feverish conditions at Singapore's Changi Airport during the SARS outbreak in 2003. MORE at the ThermoSense Conference website.

April 13, 2004-Orlando FL, USA
" Infrared thermographic in identification of human elevated temperature with biostastical and ROC analysis" A paper evaluating the effectiveness of thermal imaging systems used to conduct blind screening of humans with potential fever. Presented at ThermoSense XXVI, by Dr. EYK Ng of Nanyang Technological University, SIngapore. MORE at the ThermoSense website.


Also note The Temperature Sensors Community Web Site, a companion site set up to enable direct inputs from temperature sensor users and makers. Note that inputs are moderated for propriety and excess zeal! It is freely available and "self service".



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