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Non-Contact, Digital Laser & IR Thermometers


Here are four compact, hand-held portable digital infrared radiation (IR) thermometers some with laser pointer and some having thermocouple capability for food safety and general use for sale on the Web. These seem to be excellent prices for North American users.

There is also a link to an OEM model available for integration into other products, also priced very reasonably for an IR Thermometer device.

The products here are all digital, produced by The ZyTemp Division of Radiant Innovations, Inc. who have a passion for innovative IR Thermometers; lots of features with traceable calibration at realistic product prices. All units have exceptional accuracy specs and switchable temperature temperature scales to Degrees F (Fahrenheit) or Degrees C (Celsius).
The Infrared Accuracy for HACCP Models will be ±1° F (± 0.6° C) over 59° to 95° F". Enjoy!

Visa and MasterCard are accepted for online orders and telephone orders are accepted for those with established credit by Metris Instruments, the US distributor for the products below. The links there will take you to the Metris Site for ordering and technical details.

To see complete specifications and/or buy, click on a link for the unit you wish and you will open the Metris Ordering page with their complete specs and links to terms and policy covering discounts for large orders and warrenty and return policy.

All prices shown below are subject to confirmation by Metris Instruments and are stated in US dollars.

NEW Pistol-style Handheld with laser pointer,Type K TC jack and more!

Model TN408LC Dual-function Professional Infrared Laser Thermometer with Type K Thermocouple Connector.
Range:-60° to 500°C (-76° to 932°F )
IR Field of View: 11:1
Principle Uses: General use; (Read:many, many, many uses).
Click here for full specifications.
Unit Price: $129.00


Model TCT103 Dual Food Safety IR and Thermocouple Thermometer
Model TCT103 Dual Digital Portable (Handheld) Thermometer-Thermocouple and Infrared Radiation (IR) Thermometer; includes side-mounted stainless steel-sheathed Type K thermocouple probe that conveniently pivots through 180°arc to storage position on the side of the case.
Range:-30 to 250°C (-27 to 482°F)
IR Field of View: 1:1
Principle Uses: Food temperature monitoring and general use.
Click here for full specifications.
Unit Price: $89.00

Model TN305LC Professional Dual Digital Portable (handheld) Infrared Radiation (IR) Thermometer with laser aiming and advanced temperature processing; built-in socket accepts optional Type K or Type T thermocouple. (Type K thermocouple wire and connector is not included in the price.)
Range:-60°C to 500°C (-76°F to 932°F)
IR Field of View: 8:1
Principle Uses: General Purpose and verification of other sensors
Click here for full specifications.
Unit Price: $99.00

Model TN205L Dual Digital IR and Thermocouple Thermometer
Model TN205L Compact Palm-sized Digital Portable (handheld) Infrared Radiation (IR) Thermometer r.
Range: -30°C to 250°C (-27 to 482°F)
IR Field of View: 1:1
Principle Uses: General Purpose
Click here for full specifications.
Unit Price: $59.00

model tn9 module-miniature digital infrared radiation (ir)thermometer module for oems

Model TN9 Miniature Infrared Radiation (IR) Thermometer Module for OEMs; less than 2" (5 cm) long.
Range:-33 to 220°C (-27 to 428°F)
IR Field of View: 1:1
Principle Uses: General Purpose for ovens, microwave heaters and temperature sensor outputs in processes where low-cost, fast-responding,compact low power digital devices add value.
Click here for full specifications.
Unit Price: $27.00

Yes, we do get a commission if you buy the items above. We figure it's a win-win-win for all involved.

You, because you get a pretty good deal and save time by going directly to the product at a Web sales outlet.

Us, because it helps fund our efforts to build and maintain an informative website.

The Maker and Distributor of the products, because it helps keep their cost of sales low and enables them to offer reasonably priced products.

Sensors Magazine has featured our website not once, but twice on its Web review pages. They first said of our site, "It contains information about types of temperature sensors, standards, temperature sensor links on the Web-you name, this site has it." The second time they waxed even more enthusiastically about it and how we had grown and improved as a model, free web resource.

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