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Infrared Radiation Thermometer Vendors

Here's a partial list of some of the vendors of Infrared Radiation Thermometers, including spot, line-measuring (Line Scanners) and area-measuring devices (Quantitative Thermal Imagers) and related services such as calibration and user training. It is incomplete, we know. It does cover most of the prominent companies involved in the market and provides at least a starting point.

If you need or want to look elsewhere,there are always the various supplier directories not the least of which is Global Spec on the Web and the various directories at The ISA with its Directory of Instrumentation and Sensors Magazine, for instance.

Why do we include makers of Thermal Imagers along with IR Infrared Radiation Thermometers? A good question; one that is often asked. The reason is really almost apparent. Most of the Thermal Imager makers have instruments that report results in terms of temperature. That's it. They are area-measuring temperature sensors-whether highly accurate or inaccurate. Accuracy is not the criteria-measurement function or intent is.

Those highlighted sites have more than expected useful technical information. They are much more than an on-line catalog.

List of Noncontact, Infrared (IR) Temperature Sensor & Service Vendors arranged alphabetically

  1. Advanced Monitors Corporation USA
    Maker of the only thermometers specifically designed for animals, the Pet-Temp™ and the Vet-Temp™.
  2. The Academy of Infrared Training Canada
    A global, independent educational institution devoted to Infrared Thermography training for more than 25 years
  3. American IR Technologies Corporation or AIRT USA
    A new face on the US IR scene with fiber optics and lens radiation thermeter systems and a few specialized applications.
  4. Braun ThermoScan™ Ear Thermometer Germany & USA
    Available at drug, mass, department and specialty retailers. To locate the retailer closest to you who carries this product in the USA, call 800-272-8611
  5. CI-Systems USA
    A maker of IR and Fiber optic temperature sensors with specialties for semiconductor processing.
  6. Chino Works America Inc. USA & Japan
    A global instrument company with a significant line of industrial & research infrared radiation thermometers.
  7. Cole-Parmer's Infrared ThermometersUSA
    A catalog section features some special handheld units for sale.
  8. Dickson Infrared Thermometers USA
    And more.. by catalog, too.
  9. Dr. Georg Maurer GmbH OptoelektronikGermany
    A specialty Infrared spot thermometer producer for industrial measurements, specializing in rugged designs, fiber optic thermometers and ratio (Quotientpyrometer) radiation thermometers.
  10. Engelhard Corporation USA
    Makers of the "Exactus" brand of high performance optical pyrometers designed primarily for OEM wafer-temperature measurement applications in both 0.9 and 1.6 micron wavelength passband models. Utilize both lightpipe (Quartz, Sapphire & proprietary materials) and lens models.
  11. Eurotron Instruments S.p.a. Italy
    Manufacturers of the IRTec line of industrial online & portable infrared thermometers that include 8 single waveband devices covering the -30 °C to 1600 °C range and ratio infrared (Two Colour) thermometers for the 600 °C to 2000 °C region, including Fahrenheit models. Looks like a new player on the European scene with attractive designs and crisp literature.
  12. Everest Interscience(USA)
    A manufacturer of infrared thermometers, formerly in California, now in Tuscon AZ, specializes in units for agricultural use.
  13. Exergen, Inc. USA
    A manufacturer of compact spot measuring sensors and a wide range of specialty, low cost devices. One of their unique designs is the clinical "Forehead" Thermometer, used in quickly measuring human body temperature.
  14. FAR Associates USA
    Makers and wielders of unique Multi-wavelength spot thermometers that seem to reduce emissivity errors greatly at high temperatures. They have lots of experience in the ceramics and carbon manufacturing industries.
  15. FLIR USA & Sweden
    The best of (former) Hughes, Agema and Inframetrics equipments, thermal Imagers and Area measuring thermometers in addition to their reknown line of airborne imagers.
  16. Heitronics GmbH Germany
    Non-Contact Temperature Measurements from -50°C to 3000°C; non-contact temperature measurements with more than 40 years of experience (previously known as Heimann GmbH) and an installed base of infrared thermometers and systems with thousands of customers worldwide
  17. Impac GmbH Germany,
    A company producing a wide line of radiation thermometers including ratio and single waveband units, now a part of Mikron Infrared
  18. Inframetrics, Inc (now part of FLIR with an principle mission of being the Infrared Training Center) in the USA
    Makes Area thermometers and thermal Imagers and trains users. Sign up for their email newsletter!
  19. Infrared Cameras-
    A group of applications specialists around the USA.
  20. Infrared Solutions, Inc. USA
    Make Line and Area thermometers.
  21. The Infraspection Institute USA
    Once the only voice in the infrared training wilderness; keeps on ticking and running the annual IR/Info topical Conference, now scheduled for the 15th year in January 2004.
  22. Ircon, Inc. in Niles Illinois, USA
    Make & sell Spot, Line, and two recent additional products in the thermal imaging and area measuring thermometers,
    Ircon's product line is possibly the largest product line in the world and they are one of the major suppliers. Also calibration equipment and basic IR application know-how. Look for their road show schedule.
  23. Land Infrared in The UK (nr Sheffield) with offices and service centers in the USA, Germany, France, Italy and Japan (to name a few)
    Maker and reseller of a wide range of Spot, Line and Area measuring thermometers including the precision handheld spot units (called by the name of an ancient one-eyed Greek mythological monster) made by Minolta Camera Company of Japan. Also has a wide range of calibration equipment.
  24. Metris Instruments, LLC.USA
    The USA distributor for ZyTemp's infrared thermometers welcomes web sales and OEM/Distributors.
  25. Mikron Infrared, Inc. (formerly Mikron Instrument ,Co. Inc). USA
    Maker and reseller of Spot and Area thermometers and their own unique shortwavelength thermal area measuring devices for high temperatures. A major supplier of calibration equipment; has a wide product range of black body simulators.
  26. Omega Engineering
    Omega has developed a line of low cost on-line devices and portable IR thermometers plus they offer some educational effort towards understanding this as well as other technical topics. They specialize in catalog and mail-order sales.
  27. Pyrometer Instrument Company, Inc. USA
    Makers of unique Radiation Thermometers with integrated laser reflectometer, and one of the last-known active makers of Optical Pyrometers.
  28. Quantum Logic Inc. USA
    A specialty spot sensor maker in Connecticut USA
  29. Radiant Innovation Inc. Taiwan
    In a short period of 1.5 years, their Infrared development team achieved the goals of: A. Seting up a National Standard Traceable Temperature Standard, B. Developing two models of IR ear thermometers, C. Attaining ISO9001 Certification and CE, UL, CSA and FDA Certification, and D. Developing a proprietery Ear Thermometer ASIC.
  30. Raytek, Inc.- USA
    With plants and/or offices in Germany, Japan, China and So. America, Makers of Spot and Line measuring thermometers. Calibration equipment, too
  31. Rudy Rudolph, Temperature Consultant
    A new web site contains a brief but excellent summary on just what emissivity is in terms that the average technical person can understand. He even gives some very practical advice on how to get a quick estimate of the emissivity value if you do not have a clue. Please remember, you must measure carefully and because we have no control over how careful you are or how well you follow his advice, any errors you encounter are your responsibility not Rudy's or ours. Things are not always as easy nor as simple as some brief suggestions may imply.
  32. Skyear Infrared Ear Thermometer Taiwan
    Skyear is a thermopile based IR detector design with high sample rate and updates the infrared measurement from the eardrum in real time. US Patent Pending.
  33. Snell Infrared USA
    One of the biggest and most widely known Infrared Thermography training organizations.
  34. SpectrodyneUSA
    One of a very few independent suppliers of repair and traceable calibration services for spot radiation thermometers and Optical Pyrometers. Rebuild and offer for sale some of the older model Radiamatics and L&N Optical Pyrometers.Now offering a new design optical pyrometer.
  35. Thermotenix UK
    Provides Scanner software, a new line scanning RT and a hand-held thermal imager with manfeatures.
  36. Vanzetti Instruments Div. of Omega USA
    The once leading fiber optic pyrometer company in the USA seems to be back, but still a seperate entity, with the help of Omega.
  37. Thermal Wave Imaging USA
    The next generation of infrared measurement capabilities for subsurface flaw and defect detection in everything from airplane bodies to piping systems. Check out this organization!
  38. Williamson Corp. USA.
    Maker of all kinds of spot radiation thermometers for industry and science especially their two wavelength types both ratio and "more than ratio" models.
  39. Wintronics USA,
    The Service and US sales center for Heitronics of Germany, the decendant of the former (highly respected) Heimann GmbH organization's spot thermometers. Also distributes quality blackbody furnaces from Germany.
  40. ZyTemp (Taiwan)
    A new supplier of low cost, compact radiation thermometers (IRTs) with new technology, resulting in the smallest & lowest cost IRT we've seen to date.

ThermoGauge Instruments - Precision Blackbodies

Editor's Note:(We think that this is worth repeating) Some vendors are more capable and/or honest than others, just like in every business. The watch words are, as always: "Buyer beware". Until you build up confidence in te business ethics and technical abilities (and that of the organization they represent) of someone selling these types of measurement devices.

There are no standards for the names of the spot-measuring infrared devices. Most metrologists that work in this field tend to call them "Radiation Thermometers". Could that imply, from the enormous variation in names of these devices, that standardization is non existent or not mature in the noncontact temperature sensor field? Yes, YEs, YES-there is room for a great deal of work in this area!! That is the root of the problem and, in our opinion, until that is resolved, it will hinder the growth of the market for these devices. Too many people have been "burned" by a misapplied instrument that they swear them off forever. That still happens despite the many great successes that have been achieved by correctly chosen and applied units.

Don't you get caught in the spec trap, thinking that you know what the specification on a data sheet means. Fact is there are not even any standards for the nomenclature used to describe technical features of these devices, starting with calibration uncertainty! Manufacturers know (we hope) but don't always tell all. Few agree in any aspect of their specifications beyond the temperature range of a given unit. The ASTM in the USA has brought some order to this with Standard E 1256, but it is voluntary and not required by many buyers, as of 2003. The German Engineering Organizations VDI/VDE have also published some exceptional information including an initial attempt to standardize the terminology used to describe the properties of Infrared Radiation Thermometers. A recent paper at the 2002 International Temperature Symposium from Germany described the VDI/VDE situation in great detail. See the Reference page for a more complete reference to the Symposium. It was published in 2003.

The lack of standards and precise nomenclature in terms of quantitative temperature measurement (called "radiometrically calibrated devices" by most of the suppliers) is an obstacle, in our view, that thermal imaging technology needs to overcome to master many of the more demaning uses such as human body temperature screening and process monitoring and control. The "Buyer Beware" caution applies doubly or triply with these devices simply because they are more complex than the single spot infrared radiation thermometers, there is much technical confusion and not a widespread understanding about temperature calibration and measurement with many of the traditional imager manufacturers. Most of their attention over the past decades has been in imaging characterization in terms of contrast.

The entry into the thermal imager market in the past few years by the top-tier radiation thermometer companies, who live and thrive on precision and accuracy of IR temperature measurement, may create some changes and improve this aspect of the business. In addition, one organization that has attempted to bring some order to the temperature measurement issue is the Infraspection Institute, one of the oldest and largest thermography training companies. They have had information on their website and that of their Symposium Group, IR/Info, on this issue for the last year, at least. More recently, The Standards organization of Singapore, known by the acronym SPRING, has been developing a Technical Standard for basic evaluation of thermal imaging cameras used in screening humans for possible elevated body temperature as a result of the SARS scare in early 2003.

Finally,if you have a requirement spelled out and are sure it is covered by current standards or by a set of detailed specifications you have developed, are you going to be using the sensor in a ISO900x production or a process or test that is critical? Then you will most certainly need a traceable calibration for the devices you seek. Without it any measurements will have errors that can only be guessed, not verified, nor ever verified or repeated except by happenstance. Often the last item on a purchase checklist is the most important, as is this one: Traceable Calibration. In their 2001 book, "Traceable Temperatures" (see our References page) Nicholas and White observe that measurements without traceabilty, are not measurements at all but effectively some vague effort that, in a critical analysis, is seen not worth the time and money.

That all implies, among other things that there is a test or demonstration of capability that a unit must pass to be accepted. Even devices that will be used to only compare two temperatures (measure a temperature difference) need to have some reference to which they can be re-tested to verify that they are meeting the requirement. Often simulating the need under true application conditions of measurent can be challenging and difficult to do and maintain a traceable calibration to within the desired norms.


The Spectropyrometer from FAR Associates

Find IR Thermometer Suppliers on GlobalSpec



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