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RTDs are wire wound and thin film devices that depend on the temperature coefficient of electrical resistance of metals. As the temperature increases, the positive temperature coefficient of the metal produces an increasing resistance value. Some metals have a nearly ideal, linear coefficient, like platinum resistance temperature detectors. While other materials have more non-linear coefficients, such a copper and nickel.

This page provides links to some of the vendors of these devices. You may note some redundancy with links on related pages. A good part of that is due to the fact that some vendors supply more than one type of sensor, plus many provide technical, applications and related support to customers and prospective ones.

Reading vendors literature can be a great, but unstructured way, to gain some technical knowledge. The only danger is that it is hard to learn more than what the vendor puts in their literature or what their salesperson knows. That approach can be quite variable and certainly does not make it easy for you to evaluate products without benchmarks.

Some advice (non-definitive): check with more than one vendor and get some education about these sensors from other sources, too. There are books and courses available. Check your local library's technical section or a engineering or science library at a university or technical college or school or the ISA or someone on the ASTM E20 committee on Temperature Measurement.

ASTM has a special subcommittee devoted to just RTDs. You can learn more about their RTD standards on the RTD Standards Page of this site.

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General Resources for Vendors

Submit your new product news or product review (to help your peers) yourself at the Temperature Sensor Community site: www.tempsensor.net .

Some Vendor Web Sites:

Other RTD Vendors: | A - B  | C - H  | J - M  | N - R   | S - T  | U - Z |

  1. JMS Southeast, Inc.
    In Statesville, North Carolina-USA

  2. Jumo Process Control
    RTD Sensors and a lot more-home page

  3. La Termotecnica(Italy)(Italiana and English)
    LA TERMOTECNICA e' una societa' Italiana, fondata nel 1976 e' una tra le prime aziende italiane a produrre e progettare con tecnologia propria sonde a termocoppia e termoresistenza.
    LA TERMOTECNICA, an Italian company set up in 1976, is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production and design of temperature sensors based on proprietary thermocouple and RTD technology.
  4. M & Ma Sensorstech (USA & CHINA)
    A cooperative venture with Anhui Tiankang Co. Ltd. a measuring instrument design and manufacturing company. Their primary product lines are Resistance Temperature Detectors, thermocouples, temperature transmitters, compensating cable and complete sensor assemblies. They specialize in OEM and private labeled equipment due to their low cost, ISO-9000 approved manufacturing capabilities.

  5. Minco Products, Inc. Home Page From Minnesota-USA

  6. MTI Industrial Sensors - rtds

Other RTD Vendors: | A - B  | C - H  | J - M  | N - R   | S - T  | U - Z |

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