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RTD Training and Information Resources


RTDs are not taught in many school courses and the major sources of information has traditionally been training sessions at professional meetings, such as the ISA's and Sensors Magazines Expositions.

Then, too, there are specialized instrumentation publications and books. The manufacturers and suppliers of RTDs and some of the companies that provide the readout instrumentation have also been providing help to novice and experienced users alike.

Below are some representatives of these sources as they make their information available over the Web. There are more, such as the ones listed in the GlobalSpec link below.

READER AND SURFER BEWARE. The quality and accuracy of information from web sites are not the same. Be sure to check any technical information several times, at least, to be sure you get not only the true story but also the whole story. There are good tidbits at almost every stop, but not every supplier provides all the information in an unbiased or detailled way.

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