There are numerous standards around the world and the goal of this part of the site is to eventually catalog most, if not all, of them. This is a start with links to many of the organizations involved, if they are on the Web.

The ones we know the best are those published by ASTM and those standards that deal with radiation thermometers. We shall be searching the Web and the Net for more details.

If you can suggest additions to this page, just put your information on the submission form and we will consider it as we are able to verify and edit the page.

  • Temperature Scales
    The International Temperature Scale of 1990 (ITS-90) is the de facto standard used in the industrialized world by international convention.

    This page gives a bit more explanation of this plus previous scales and their relationships to each other.

  • Standards Related to Temperature and Calibration in General
    Terminology, special calibration apparatus and related issues.
  • Standards Related to Clinical Thermometers
    The standards for clinical thermometers are scattered around, at least within the ASTM Temperature Committee, because the committee is organized around sensor device types and not around sensor uses.
  • Standards Related to Thermocouples
    The ASTM Standard E 230 for emf vs. temperature is an American National Standard for thermocouples. But there are many more standards for thermocouples, in fact a large group just among the ASTM standards.

    If you seek copies of the thermocouple tables or information on them visit our thermocouple tables page.

  • Standards Related to Resistance Temperature Detectors
    Resistance Temperature Detectors, also known as RTDs, PRTs (Platimum Resistance Thermometers) and SPRTs (Standard Platimum Resistance Thermometers) come in more than Platinum, as you will know if you have been to the RTDs page on this site.

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