National Standards Custodians (NMIs) & Governmental Services

NIST’s Calibration Service Users Guide
Direct calibrations by the USA custodian of temperature (and other) standards

NIST MEASUREMENT SERVICES: Radiance Temperature Calibrations>
An online technical description, in great depth, about the (a) realization and dissemination of ITS-90 above 700°C, (b) a description of the facilities in the NIST Radiance Calibration Laboratory, (c) A discussion of the the wavelength calibration, size of source and linearity issues, (d) An explanation of the use and calibration of radiance temperature standards, and, (e) A summary of the values of stability and uncertainty in the ITS-90 Scale at NIST and the expanded uncertainties for ribbon filament lamp, optical pyrometer and infrared radiation thermometer calibrations. In short, a very complete description of the technology behind the calibration services at high temperatures at NIST.

Calibration of High- Temperature Resistance Thermometers
Oak Ridge National Labs, Instrumentation and Controls Division.

National Research Council of Canada
The Canadian national custodian for standards.

The National Physical Laboratory
The Custodian of standards for The United Kingdom

The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations, The Australian Standards for Temperature

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