Some (by no means all) Suppliers of Temperature Calibration Equipment, Services and/or Training

  1. Advanced Sensing Products (USA)
    A secondary standard PRT and precision RTD probe manufacturer. They make own RTD elements to completely control product quality. Provide NIST traceable calibration services with temperature ranging from -189 to 850 °C. Customers are in metrology, instrumentation, power industry, turbine manufacturers, and the military.
  2. AMETEK Denmark A/S
  3. ASL,Temperature Metrology and Calibration
    Known for their RTD bridges and other high quality calibration equipment.
  4. Barber-Colman Industrial Instruments Division and Cii Continental
    Both companies are divisions of Invensys. They design, build and calibrate a full line of sensors including thermocouples, RTDs and furnace atmosphere probes. Cii is in the process of relocating the Barber-Colman sensor products to their new site. They are both ISO-9000 approved.
  5. BurnsEngineering, Inc.
  6. Caliso Calibration Toolbox – The calibration management program for scientists and engineers.
  7. eCalibration–’s mission is to be the premier resource for calibration professionals worldwide as a clearinghouse of information and services specific to managing the calibration function within the manufacturing arena.
  8. Cole Parmer Instruments (USA)
    The laboratory equipment supply company has a range of temperature and calibration equipment.
  9. GEC Instruments (USA)
    Precision thermocouple instruments connect to a PC via RS232 serial port or USB. A unique internal reference junction system provides CJC (Cold Junction Compensation) of 0.003 °C or better on all channels. Windows software with built in calibration wizard enables user calibration of individual thermocouples to attain overall system measurement accuracy of better than ± 0.05°C, including thermocouple wire error. GEC Instruments also provides custom thermocouples and custom multiple point thermocouple calibrations to attain measurement accuracies of ± 0.02 °C (± 0.01 °C at temperatures near ambient) on all channels.
  10. Hart Scientific(USA)
    Triple Point of water cells, RTDs, training course and very much more. It’s an educational experience just visiting their extensive web site and reading their literature.
  11. Insco Metrology (USA)
    Temperature calibration services for TCs, RTDs, LiGs traceable to NIST to 1100 °C and with their custom-made fixed point cells ( FPs: Hg,Ga, In, Sn, Zn, Al, Ag).
  12. Isotech (UK)
    One of the truly educational web sites on temperature metrology; a reknown vendor of quality calibration equipment and services-representatives in all the major countries-the sponsor of the ITS-90 web site.
  13. Pond Engineering Laboratories (USA)
    Triple point of water and other fixed points and related equipment and training for realizing the International Temperature Scale of 1990 to very high precision.
  14. Process Instruments, Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
    Supplier of equipment and services to industry for many years, traceable to NIST for all types of temperature sensor calibrations.
  15. Sira Test & Certification Ltd (UK)
    Operates its UKAS approved, traceable temperature calibration facilities approximately 12 miles south of London.
  16. Spectrodyne (Infrared Only) in eastern Penna. (USA)
    One of the very few sources of independent IR thermometer calibration services-traceable to NIST.
  17. Techne Instruments
    Manufacturers of temperature controlled liquid baths used in calibration work.
  18. Tempsens Instruments India
    An ISO 9001/2000 certified manufacturer of all types of temperature sensors and Calibration Baths & Furnaces for Thermocouples & RTDs from -30 to 1500 °C, Black body sources for pyrometer calibration from 50 to 1500 °C and master sensors for thermocouple Type R,S, or N/K with accredited certificate.They also manufacture high accuracy master RTDs up to 1/10 DIN
  19. Thermo Gauge Instruments Inc.(USA)
    Suppliers of a unique resistance-heated, graphite tube design of low thermal mass, high temperature, precision blackbody furnaces. Many of these special furnaces can be found in National Metrology Labs and the production and development labs of the major IR radiation thermometer makers around the world-Temperatures up to 3000 °C.

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