Resources for Calibration of Temperature Sensors:

Non-Commercial Organizations
The National Conference of Standards Laboratories International (NCSLI) home page.

About The NCSL

UKAS, The United Kingdom Accreditation Service
The UK service that accredits calibration laboratories for many variables and types of devices including all kinds of temperature sensors and calibrating equipment, e.g. black body sources, baths, lamps etc. The UKAS web site includes a search engine for all accredited calibration labs in the UK, and some outside the UK because UKAS accreditation is recognised worldwide.

(with minimal commercial content)


A calibration resource for all things related to calibration including job openings, equipment, books, standards and much more.

Cal Lab Magazine’s Web Site…
A treasure trove of information and links related to all things metrological including temperature.. with links to the national custodians of standards for almost every nation in the world and much, much, much more.

A Web site dedicated to the International Temperature Scale of 1990.

Isotech Support CD
Cal NotePad Software, Isotech Technical Info, Evaluation Reports, Isocal-6 Video & Performance Information.

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