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TEMPERATURE NEWS Archived News Stories

For 2006

Below are headlines and monthly lead-ins to stories featured in past editions of our website home page in 2006 along with links to the original pages containing more detail.

The earlier feature news leads are on: News 2005 and before.

There is yet another page containing an index to the back issues of our former eNewsletter, TemperatureSensorNews and older featured news page items of the month back to 2001.

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April 2006 ---New Infrared Imaging Products

The Annual ThermoSense Conference (The Infrared Applications Conference) is held, usually in April, in Orlando Florida USA. It's a small part of a multi-conference Symposium called the SPIE Defense and Security Symposium, DSS for short.

Since most of the conferences deal with Infrared imaging and measurement, the accompanying Exposition turns out to be one of the largest Infrared Expos in the world. It features everything from apertures to zone plates and quite a bit in between. All the major Infrared Camera, Detector, Test Equipment, military and other security-related organizations are present. The 2006 event, just completed, was the largest Expo to date, with many innovative Infrared devices.

None was more exciting than the RedShift Systems Thermal Light Valve™, TLV. The TLV is a passive optical component that shifts long wavelength thermal infrared radiation to CMOS-visible light, allowing standard CMOS cameras to “see heat”. There was much more, but little quite as exciting....MORE

March 2006 --New, Innovative IR Thermometer from the Minds of...

Land Cyclops Model C100A new Cyclops™ Infrared Thermometer has been born..er...hached..er.. created (that sounds best). The Cyclops™ Model C100 from Land Instruments International has appeared on the scientific and industrial instrument marketplace without much bally-hoo and glitter. Yet, it's understated presence belies some remarkable things about it and its forebears. Simply stated: it is the latest in a long family of Cyclopses, the detector-based replacements for the venerable Optical Pyrometer.

In its earliest incarnations in the 1980s as the Minolta-Land Cyclopses (It doesn't sound quite right, but the root word is Greek, not Latin), they were breakthrough devices, very innovative and actually more accurate in most  uses than the century-plus, much venerated, old Disappearing Filament Optical Pyrometers.

The latest Cyclops, Model C100, is no less innovative in its own quiet way. It is the first portable IR thermometer, of which we are aware, to incorporate Bluetooth RS-232 communications capability. ..Read More

Feb 2006--IR Imager Systems to Fight Bird Flu--

PORTLAND, OR USA-- FLIR Systems has announced that it has received orders for thermal imaging cameras for use in detecting fever, which is a possible indicator of infectious diseases, including avian flu. The French Ministry of Health has ordered systems that will be deployed in six airports throughout France.

The systems will be used to quickly detect the presence of fever in passengers arriving from certain destinations.
..Read More

Jan 2006--Mercury-In Glass Thermometer Concerns in Many Uses--

Temperature measurement and uses of mercury-in-glass thermometers play such a very large role in industry, commerce, science and engineering that the devices, are almost taken for granted. The recent ban aginst sales of mercury thermometers in many states in the USA and countries around the world, although well-justified from a public health perspective, may have created a conundrum of huge proportions when it comes to uses beyond the familiar health, clinical and medical ones. ..Read More

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