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This archive provide a track of newsworthy events in temperature sensors from 2003 and earlier, at www.temperatures.com and a regular update of New Product and Services News. The former items are from our publishing history.

Note: This eNewsletter was discontinued with the June 2003 issue. The existing issues are maintained online for the forseeable future. It is essentially replaced by The Temperature Community website that enables all equipment makers and sellers to enter their own product information and organization news subject only to a review for appropriateness.

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What's New in Temperature Sensors
A monthly review of the improvements and additions to the Web site "About Temperature
Sensors" (http://www.temperatures.com).
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Product (or Item) of The Month
May 2003Hart Scientific's Low-cost, High-precision Fixed Point Thermometry Standards are the featured products of the month. The stainless steel units bring a new ruggedness to realizing traceable, fixed reference points on the International Temperature Scale of 1990 even.
April 2003TEMPERATURE SENSORS Used In Detecting & Screening for SARS: Exergen Corp's Temporal Artery Thermometers and Thermal Imagers by Singapore Technologies(ST) Electronics System (The first units "On Duty" at Singapore Airport) , FLIR Systems , Indigo Systems' , Wuhan Guide (Several in use in China), Cantronics and Land Instruments International.
March 2003Land Instruments International's two new miniature, full time or online thermal imagers with temperature measurement capability. Land has been one of the leaders in spot IR Thermometers for more than 50 years and entered the Thermal Imaging market about 14 years ago with little fanfare, but evidently good success in the process measurement areas. These new sensors continue to evidence their growth.
February 2003The PCMeasure Low Cost Data Display & Acquisition system for use with PCs and all kinds of sensors, for local and internet use as well-has low cost, bundled software and many supportive free scripts available for logging and analyzing and reporting data. New, Advanced, Free, Downloadable Thermowell Wake Software at www.tempsensor.net
January 2003The Accutech™ Line of Temperature Transmitters.All the Accutech products are reknown for stability and accuracy. Features such as automatic self calibration, user-selectable, thermocouple or RTD input, digital ambient temperature correction, common mode noise rejection and signal isolation from ground are exceptional in most products and standard in these
December 2002KooltrakMiniature Data Loggers, Software & Systems for Temperature made up of compact, battery-powered one wire sensor-loggers (based on the Dallas Semiconductor's Thermochron iButton, featured in the January 2002 Whats New Page ) plus several software package options and networking capability to deliver temperature history data to Pocket PCs or laptops or to any computer, even over the Web!
November 2002Raytek Corp's astonishing new portable IR thermometer with integral CCD camera and software for recording temperature, images and id of a measurement brings a whole new new dimension to infrared handheld instruments-makes them almost as capable as thermal imagers for the simple recording of specific temperature spots in an image.
October 2002Pond Engineering Laboratories' Triple Point and other products for realizing ITS-90 and many new links plus Alexa rankings update and the link to our new community web site and eventual home
September 2002The Eighth International Temperature Symposium a summary of the program, schedule and a listing of the papers and authors.
August 2002Apprise Technology, Inc.'s (USA)TempLine™ Sensor array of point sensors either specialized, thermistor or RTD in waterproof cables complete with data acquisition device. More -Alexa Web site Traffic Rankings.
July 2002Moore Industries's Universal Process Controller-Model 535-handles Batch and Continuous processes--Alexa Web site 3 month Rankings.
June 2002Spectrodyne DFP 2000 A New Optical Pyrometer plus additional links on Global Warming and World Temperature Extremes--Alexa Web site 3 month Rankings.
May 2002HVAC-CALC-Easy to use heat loss/heat gain software from HVAC Computer. Alexa Web site May & April Rankings
April 2002The new Thermoteknix VisIR Thermal Imager plus some Alexa Web site Rankings
March 2002Thermowells
February 2002 The Raytheon PalmIR™. New price low in a full-featured, temperature-measuring Thermal Imager-also available from Land Infrared with their special features as the "PPM+™"
January 2002 The Thermochron iButton. From Dallas Semiconductor
December 2001 Spectrodyne, Inc.'s Calibration Services for Optical Pyrometers and IR Thermometers
November 2001 Miller & Weber's Performa™ Thermometers Performance Equivalent to Mercury
October 2001 Two-Dimensional Thermal Data (Logger) Viewer from 2 Dimensional Instruments, LLC
September 2001 First Preview edition

News and Press Releases

June 2003-G. R. Peacock Receives ASTM Award of Merit and named as Fellow of the ASTM

December 2002-TemperatureSensorNews gets own website for subscribing, archiving and searching

August 30, 2001 G.R. Peacock Named President of Temperatures.com, Inc.

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