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Temperature Meters & Displays

Many temperature sensors like thermocouples, RTDs and some thermistors are sold as seperate items and a readout meter, data logger or controller is needed to complete a measurement or measurement and control system. Often the vendors for the two components of a system are very different because there are many ways to build economy into a measurement and control system rather than buying a complete system from one vendor.

In some plant installations also there can be very long distances between the measurement location and the readout or system input. Here, too, third party electronics suppliers offer a variety of ways to transmit the signal from the sensor to the measuring electronics from compensating extension cable for thermocouples, to linear current transmitters to wireless, spread-spectrum modems. There's something to suit almost every situation and often a significant number of available equipment suppliers ready and willing to help solve the problem.

This page deals with a collection of electronics and is not as well organized and the equipment as well classified as other pages on the web site. Some of the essentials are here, but frankly we still think it needs more work and are planning to do more soon

Thanks for your patience and for visiting.

Meters and Displays for temperature sensors are used in many industrial and scientific applications.

  1. Thermocouple Technical Reference(USA)
    From Instrument Service Co, Cleveland OH.
  2. Doric Instruments(USA)
    Process Measuring Devices
  3. FAQ from Instrument Corp (USA)
    Frequently Asked Data Acquisition Questions
  4. Hanna Instrument(USA)
    HI 93532 Dual-Input, Microprocessor K-Type Thermocouple Meter
  5. ADAC's (USA)
    High-Performance Data Acquisition Boards Optimized
  6. Branom (USA)
    LITERATURE-thermocouple readouts
  7. I2R (USA)
    New Product Information
  8. MA1-8810 Microprocessor Controller
  9. Xtronics(USA)
    PD701 Thermocouple meter   and   PD750 Universal Temperature Meter/Controller
  10. Pelcor(USA)
    Model migl-33c
  11. Precision Digital Corporation (USA)
    Digital Panel Meters
  12. SierraTherm (USA)
    Microtherm Control System
  13. SR Systems (USA)
    Model SR630 16 Channel Thermocouple Monitor
  14. STOLAB (USA)
    - Accurate Industrial Thermometers
  15. Pico Technology (USA)
    Temperature measurement and Logging units
  16. ElectricNet's
    Thermocouple calibrators
  17. Vatell Corporation
  18. Hampshire Control Corporation's
    Home Page
  19. Omega Engineering (USA & elsewhere)
    Temperature-Related Web site listings
  20. Biodata (UK)
    Measurement and Control Index
  21. Biodata's (UK)
    Transient Capture with Microlink
  22. Dataloggers (UK)
  23. Instruments for Research and Industry
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