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The subject of temperature sensors and their use is widely discussed in many technical venues. In the USA, the annual spring meeting of the Thermosense Technical Group of SPIE, The International Optical Engineering Society, is a four day event devoted to applications and technical developments in IR thermal imaging and measuring equipment combined with a major exposition of Infrared equipment, optical hardware & software and related services.

ISA: The Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society, runs two large expositions in different locations in the USA each year which include many temperature sensor vendors. In addition, many local ISA chapters have annual local shows, most with technical papers along with the equipment displays.

Sensors Magazine sponsors several major Sensor Expos (meetings and expositions) each year with both technical papers and vendor displays including several temperature sensor features. Plus they feature a unique website with much related temperature sensor information including reprints from their magazine.

See the listings in the table below for current Calls For Papers, Meetings Schedules and major Temperature Sensor training events.


The Seventeenth European Conference on Thermophysical Properties
5 - 8 September 2005, Bratislava, Slovak Republic Organized by: Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovak Republic University of Pau, France Constantine the Philosopher University, Slovak Republic. Abstracts Due by January 31, 2005.


  • IRINFO/2005, The Original Infrared Thermography Training Conference, Technical Symposium and Trade Show. Organized by The Infraspection Institute. Conference and Training to be held 16-19 January, 2005 at the Radisson Barceló Hotel in Orlando Florida.

  • Thermal Solutions 2005. A popular Infrared Conference and Training program, organized by Snell Infrared. Conference to be 24-27 January 2005 at the Marriott Suites on Sand Key,Clearwater Beach, Florida.

  • The SPIE's ThermoSense XXVII, the oldest technical meeting on IR Thermography and Thermometry applications. Conference to be held as part of the SPIE's 2005 Defense & Security Symposium and Exhibition at The Gaylord Palms Resort and Conference Center March 28-April 1, 2005.

    Note: Thermography training for users of Thermal Imaging Cameras is a considerable business and many companies are involved. They are listed seperately on the page for Thermal Imaging Training.

  • NIST's Short Course on Temperature Measurement by Radiation Thermometry
    Scheduled at NIST in Gaithersburg, Maryland USA The course consists of lectures and problem-solving experiments. Lecture material includes fundamentals of radiometric physics and instrumentation for measuring temperature from thermal radiation. The exercises provide experience in performing radiometric analyses to prepare for the experiments. ASTM's standard E 1256 is discussed. Contact NIST for the latest schedule

    ITS-90 Fixed-Point Cell Mini-Workshop will be given at the NIST Platinum Resistance Thermometry Laboratory in Gaithersburg, MD on August 23-24 2004.

    The workshop is designed to provide intensive "hands-on" laboratory training in the realization of ITS-90 fixed-point cells. Using standard platinum resistance thermometers (SPRTs), participants will measure the freezing, melting and immersion curves of the ITS-90 fixed-point cells over the range from the mercury triple point to the zinc freezing point. Additionally, part of the course will focus on the development of uncertainty statements for the fixed-point cells and subsequently SPRT calibrations.

    Time will be split between laboratory (85%) and lecture (15%) sessions.

    The workshop is intended for calibration laboratory personnel who are familiar with using SPRTs and/or have taken the NIST Precision Thermometry Workshop.

    lRegistration Fee: $800
    Contact: Gregory Strouse, 301-975-4803 or gstrouse@nist.gov

  • Hart Scientific
    The temperature measurement course information on three different courses can be found at the Hart Scientific Web site.

  • ISA's Course EI-15 Industrial Temperature Measurement Engineering
    This two day course, aimed at the industry engineer and technician who want to understand how to select and apply the three major industrial sensors, Thermocouple, RTD and Infrared Thermometer, is scheduled by ISA Headquarters and Training Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

If you know of any related calls for papers, meetings or training programs click here for a simple feedback form to get them listed.

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