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Publications With Temperature Articles

Numerous serial publications, notably journals and industry-oriented magazines, provide an extensive range of technical and summary articles on temperature sensors, advances in device technology and applications, calibration and standards. Some are listed below, with hotlinks wherever possible, describing the individual publications. Some publications concentrate solely on the area of temperature measurment and devices, while others cover a wider scope, as indicated. Some are peer-reviewed journals while others are unreviewed.

The reader is cautioned to be careful not to believe everthing written, even in refereed publications. Be cautious, especially before committing any resources to something new or possibly harzardous. When in doubt, we have found that checking with several independent and objective sources will help shape prudent decisions.


Serial Refereed Publications (Journals)

The following publications are notable sources of technical articles on temperature measurement and the devices used therein.

  1. High Temperatures- High Pressures, A refereed journal (ISSN 0018-1544) published six times per year that specializes in the topics described by its name. Has long been a source of excellent papers on high temperature topics in radiation thermometery- a publication of Pion, Ltd, London-UK.
  2. Review of Scientific Instruments (RSI), A monthly refereed publication of the American Institute of Physics for many, many years. (All kinds of sensors and their uses).
  3. Optical Engineering, A monthly referred journal published by SPIE, the International Society of Optical Engineering. (Mostly involve thermal imaging and radiation thermometry and other optical techniques of temperature measurement).
  4. IEEE Sensors Journal. A special publication of the Institute of Electrical and Electrical Engineers, the USA's professional society for Electrical/Electronic engineers,a group with about 100,000 members.
  5. Journal of Physics (Part E). The techical monthly publication of The Institute of Physics in the UK is notable for its many temperature sensor-related articles that are submitted and published from all around the world.
  6. Metrologia. The technical journal of the metrology community, has regular papers on temperature standards, new sensor developments and items of interest to those intererested in the International Temperature Scales. It has been running since 1965 and has been published by the BIPM since 1991. Many recent articles in it database are available online, but at a charge. The title and abstracts can be found by searching its online database. As of November 2003, there were 422 back articles related to temperature in the database.
    (Metrologia est une revue internationale qui traite des aspects scientifiques de la métrologie. Metrologia est publié depuis 1965 et le BIPM en est l'éditeur depuis 1991. Un complément d'informations sur Metrologia est donné plus bas, uniquement en langue anglaise.)
    FYI, BIPM is the International Bureau of Weights and Measures located near Paris, France. In French its name is Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, or, as an acronym, BIPM.

Unrefereed Journals, Magazines and Other Publications

  1. Sensors Magazine Online. Formerly a free popular, monthly technical magazine with wide circulation, now exclusively online at www.sensorsmag.com. Has regular temperature-related articles and an extensive archive of back articles on its website. Articles are not technicaly reviewed, some are excellent, in our opinion, some are not.

  2. INTECH. The monthly members magazine of the ISA: the International Instrumentation, Systems and Automation Society headquartered in the USA. Many of the articles are from non-critically reviewed presentations made at ISA meetings. Others, especially summary articles, are by staff writers who evidently have little technical expertise.

Watch for expansion of this area as there are lots of publications like these around the world. If you have any favorites and would like to see them here, please let us know by email or our feedback form.


The Spectropyrometer from FAR Associates

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