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Note: HVAC/R Temperature Sensor Vendors are on a seperate page.

You Can Also Find Suppliers of All Kinds of HVAC/R Products on GlobalSpec

You Can Find Suppliers Some HVAC/R Services on GlobalSpec, too.

HVAC/R, Heating Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, is big business with large companies providing equipment, design services and installation. Small and large companies provide many support services. Many companies and individuals of many organizations help oil the wheels of commerce in this area with a variety of supporting products and services that range from specialty sensors to software to consulting and training. It is an activity that consumes a very large number of temperature sensors and humidity sensors.

It is an area of activity that has many highly trained people, like engineers and scientists that develop and engineer equipment and projects. Other, less-highly trained people, such as technicians, support the equipment in use to heat and cool residential buildings, commercial buildings, factories, plant process equipment and more. It is an industry in itself that goes far beyond just the use of sensors and controls. However, without the sensors it would be neither as dynamic nor as efficient as it is.

There are, needless to say, several websites that deal exclusively with the HVAC industry and its many faces. This page will try to act as a guide to the pages that seem most useful and worthy of your visits in terms of the sensors and their uses in the various conditions of measurement encountered in HVAC/R


HVAC/R Resources

  1. The HVAC Mall
    A Directory, Index, & Internet Resource for the whole Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry.Over 10,500 organizations, 2400 product titles listed Contractors & Services, Retailers & Dealers, Consultants&Engineering, Manufacturers & Software, Representatives, Distributors and Wholesalers. Associations, Education & Training, Publications & Media and Employment & Staffing. Equipment including Controls & Monitoring, Software and Test Instruments. News in and of and around the industry.
  2. HVAC-Talk
    HVAC Contractors meet on this forum to discuss the latest HVAC news and views. Home owners and do-it-yourselfers welcome. They talk about such things as: heat loss calculations, refrigeration, refrigerant, puron, chillers, ASHRAE, duct sizing, hvac sizing, furnace sizing, HVAC Software, heatload software, home heat loss, sizing a furnace, sizing an air conditioner.
  3. HVAC Training.com
    Information, books, training, videotapes, and other resource materials.
  4. HVAC Software
    Solutions for professionals from Yahoo Search.
HVAC/R Temperature Product Vendors listed seperately.

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