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Industrial Temperature Sensor Publications & Presentations
By G. R. Peacock

  1. "A Type S Radiation Thermometer for Steel Mills", Proceeding of ThermoSense XXV, SPIE Vol. 5073, 85-91, April 2003.

  2. "Confidence Limits in Temperature Measurements", Proceedings of IR/INFO 2003, Infraspection Institute, January 2003.

  3. "Radiation Thermometers in Steel & Metals Processing", Presented at The Eighth International Temperature Symposium, Chicago, IL, USA, October 2002

  4. "Ratio Radiation Thermometers in Hot Rolling and Galvannealing of Steel Strip", Presented at The Eighth International Temperature Symposium, Chicago, IL, USA, October 2002

  5. "How Inaccurate are Your Temperature Measurements?", Proceedings of Thermal Solutions Conference, Snell Infrared, 49-55, January 2002.

  6. "Slag Detection on Liquid Metal Pouring Streams", Proceedings of Thermal Solutions Conference, Snell Infrared, 49-55, January 2002.

  7. "Applying ASTM Standard E 1256", Proceedings of Thermosense XXIII, SPIE Vol. 4360, 420-437, April 2001.

  8. "Thermal Imaging of Liquid Steel and Slag in a Pouring Stream", Proceedings of Thermosense XXII, SPIE Vol. 4020, 50-61, April 2000. (5.6Mb) (Awarded the SPIE ThermoSense 2000 Kantsios Award as best written paper of the conference)

  9. "A Review of Non-contact Process Temperature Measurements in Steel Manufacturing", Proceedings of Thermosense XXI, SPIE Vol.3700, 171-180, March 1999. (5.9Mb)

  10. "Infrared Sensing in The Metals Industry", Keynote Presentation at Thermosense XXI, March 1999.

  11. "Verifying strip and slab temperatures on-line", Iron and Steel Engineer, 72 [No.8] 34-38, 1995.

  12. "Radiation Thermometry: Temperature Measurement Without Contact", ISA Paper 91-0305, Proceedings of The Instrument Society of America 1991 Conference, 53-76, October 1991. Presented at ISA/91, Anaheim, (Awarded best Chempid Divison paper of the Conference and ISA's Chemical and Petroleum Division 1991 R. N. Pond Award as best Division technical paper of 1991)

  13. "Calibration of Radiation Thermometers", Proceedings of the 1988 Workshop and Symposium of the National Conference of Standards Laboratories, August 1988.

  14. "Radiation Thermometry", ASTM Standardization News, 33-35, May 1988.

  15. "Commissioning and Verifying Radiation Thermometers". 103-108, Chemical Engineering, June 23, 1986.

  16. Panel Discussion Synopsis. Applications of Radiation Thermometry, STP895. American Society for Testing and Materials (Philadelphia, PA) 1986. (Eds. J.C. Richmond and D.P. DeWitt).

  17. "Radiation Thermometry", 2.81-2.118, Process Instruments and Controls Handbook, 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill (New York, NY) 1985 (Ed. D.M. Considine).

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  19. "Temperature Measurement of Metal in Furnaces",Measurements and Control, 148-151, Feb. 1984. (Pittsburgh, PA)

  20. "Non-contact Pyrometry in Hot Strip Mills and Reheat Furnaces", Iron and Steel Engineer, 59 (No. 5), 30-38, 1982.

  21. "Non-contact Temperature Sensors and Their Use in Glass Melting". Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Symposium on Reduction of Costs in Hand Operated Glass Plants, May 13-14, 1980. (Society for Glass Science and Practices)

  22. "The State of the Art of Infrared Thermometry". Presentation at the ISA Measurement Technology Symposium, University of Delaware, June 21, 1979.

  23. "Infrared Thermometers, Comparison of Single-Band and Ratio Types", Measurements and Control, Sept. 1979. (Pittsburgh, PA)

  24. "Methods of Measuring Sulphuric Acid Dewpoint", ISA Technical Paper ISBM 8766436-6, Instrument Society of America, 1977. Presented at the 23rd ISA Analysis Instrumentation Symposium, May 17-19, 1977.

  25. "The Land Dewpointmeter Uses An Old Principle to Provide New Measurements In Waste and Process Gases", ISA Technical Paper No. 76-804, 1976.


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