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The Emissivity Trail: Emissivity Reference Works

The following books and technical journal papers contain useful details on emissivity, especially on spectral emissivity. Most are available in libraries at major technical university libraries. Some of the books are available from book sellers on the internet such as Amazon. More references on the main references pages... READ MORE...



  1. "Applications of Radiation Thermometry", Edited by J. C. Richmond and D. P. Dewitt, ASTM Special Technical Publication 895, American Society for Testing and Materials, Philadelphia, PS USA (1985)
    {Especially the first "Chapter" By Gene D. Nutter "Radiation Thermometry-The Measurement Problem", pages 3-23.}
  2. "Theory and Practice of Radiation Thermometry", Edited by D.P. DeWitt and Gene D. Nutter, Wiley Interscience (John Wiley & Sons, Inc) New York, NY USA (1988){The veritable "Bible" of non-contact temperatures measurement. If it isn't written here either it's something new or there's a reference to it}
  3. "Thermophysical Properties of Matter" TPRC Data Services, Y.S. Touloukian and C.Y. Ho (Editors),
    Volume 7 "Thermal Radiative Properties: Metallic Elements and Alloys",
    Volume 8 "Thermal Radiative Properties: Nonmetallic Solids", by Y.S. Touloukian and D.P. DeWitt (1970) and,
    Volume 9 "Thermal Radiative Properties: Coatings" by Y.S. Touloukian, D.P. DeWitt and R. S. Hernicz,IFI Plenum, New York, NY (1972)
  4. "Relation of Emittance to Other Optical Properties". J. C. Richmond, Journal Of The National Bureau of Standards, Volume 67C, No. 3, pp 217-226 (1963).
  5. "Measurement of Thermal Radiation of Solids" Edited by J. C. Richmond, NASA Special Publication SP-31 , U.S. Government Printing Office, (1963).
  6. "Thermal Radiation of Solids", Edited by S. Katsoff, NASA Special Publication SP-55, U.S. Government Printing Office, (1965).
  7. "Proceedings of The Second Noncontact Temperature Measurement Workshop", Edited By R.R. Hale, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Publication 89-16 (1989).

    A web site for Rudy Rudolph, Temperature Consultant, contains a brief but excellent summary on just what emissivity is in terms that the average technical person can understand. He even gives some very practical advice on how to get a quick estimate of the emissivity value if you do not have a clue. Please remember, you must measure carefully and because we have no control over how careful you are or how well you follow his advice, any errors you encounter are your responsibility not Rudy's or ours. Things are not always as easy nor as simple as some brief suggestions may imply.

Note: The Temperature Sensors Community Web Site, a companion site set up to enable direct inputs from temperature sensor users and makers. Vendors, do visit there. Sign in and enter your own company data, product and service offerings and news-It's been Improved! Users can post reports & reviews of companies, news, products and services. Note that inputs are moderated for propriety and excess zeal! Best of all, it is freely available and "self service".




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