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There are numerous distributors who sell many temperature sensor products and accessories, among other things. Some manufacturers specialize in producing a significant number (usually three or more) of different types of temperature sensors and sell to either a distributor network or directly to the public by Internet and/or Catalog sales (telephone or mail).

Start your search either here for vendors of multiple types or, if you are seeking a specific type, go to the vendor page index or directly to a page describing sensor types, ( Also note that the types of sensors are listed, with links to each page, on the left side of this page below the general navigation links). You can get to the vendors of specific types from many different places here.

Visit the new temperature community web site based at: tempsensor.net

Sensor Types
Resistance (RTDs)
IR Thermometers 
Optical Pyrometers
Radiation Thermometers
Thermal Imagers
Glass Thermometers
Filled Systems
Phase Change Devices 
(Paints, Crayons, Labels)


  1. Chaney Instruments, Inc (USA)
    Chaney's family of cooking thermometers includes Acu-Rite (TM), America's oldest and most recognized brand of candy and meat thermometers, as well as a new line of patent-pending, digital, instant-read thermometers. Their full line of NSF-certified, professional-quality kitchen thermometers have something for every application: refrigeration, freezing, deep-frying, meat preparation and milk frothing as well.
  2. Cole-Parmer (USA)
    All kinds of laboratory thermometers including pocket bimets.
  3. W. H. Cooke & Co., Inc.(USA)
    A thermocouple manufacturer that specializes in specialty thermocouples and related temperature indicators and controllers for the Baking Industry. Also a manufacturers rep for other instrumentation. In Maryland .

  4. EDL, Inc,(USA)
    Temperature sensors, rtds, thermocouples, thermometer pyrometers - also offer a wide range of value-priced temperature indicators and related specialty products.
  5. ETI Ltd (UK)
    Electronic Temperature Instruments, probes and accessories, including thermometers, bimetallic, digital, humidity meters, infrared thermometers, calibrators, data-loggers, pt100, thermistor, pocket, fat-frying, Differential Digital thermometer, thermo-hygrometer, timber building moisture meter, computer temperature.
  6. Electrical & Electronics Corporation (India)
    Process Control Instrumentation Sensors and Accessories, e.g. Thermocouples, RTD's, Cables & Thermowells
  7. Exacon (Denmark)
    Pages of medical temperature sensors

  8. JMS Southeast (USA)
    Statesville ,North Carolina, .... TC maker and supplier of all kinds of temperature sensors to industry and commerce.
  9. Kobold Instruments, Inc. -
    Temperature Switches, Temperature
  10. Minco Products. , (USA)
    Manufacturers of thermocouples, RTDs and more in Minneapolis, Minn,

  11. Omega Engineering (USA)
    The mega Catalog and web vendor of temperature and other sensors with offices and websites in England, Germany and elsewhere.

  12. Palmer Instruments Inc. (USA)
    Specializing in Glass Thermometers, but covering a wide array of products. Part of the Instrumentation Group that includes Wahl Instruments, noted for its IR Thermometers.
  13. PCE Instruments
    PCE Instruments offers a broad range of products from the field of measuring instruments. Here you can find all various types of testing and measuring instruments, handheld and desktop
  14. Peak Sensors (UK-near the Peak District)
    A relatively new company specialising in the manufacture of Thermocouples, Resistance Thermometers, Thermowells, and platinum sheathed sensors for the glass industry. Also supply associated equipment such as ceramics and other components.
  15. Pentronic (Sweden)
    A leading supplier of temperature measurement equipment in Scandinavia for industry, research and education. Manufactures primarily Pt 100 and thermocouple elements. Their calibration laboratory is accredited for temperature, electrical resistance and current (SWEDAC 0076). The laboratory is unique among European manufacturers and has resources to rival many national laboratories. They also offer an extensive range of calibration training programs. Visit their website to get an idea of what can be done with technical information on the Web.
  16. Philadelphia Instruments and Controls, Inc. (USA)
    Specializes in the production of temperature related products, such as liquid-in-glass thermometers-specialty ones include units for candy making as well as ASTM thermometers, copper and brass-cased thermometers, pocket thermometers and thermostat controller for incubators and more. A most interesting website especially the "DID YOU KNOW?" list of historic thermometer facts .
  17. Precon, Inc. (USA)
    NTC Thermistors, RTDs, and Humidity Sensors available in standards or custom probes. Precon also designs and builds controllers and can provide turnkey sensing and control solutions

  18. Tech Instrumentation (USA)
    Tech Instrumentation offers a extensive variety of temperature measuring instrumentation from inexpensive bi-metalic and glass thermometers to rugged, precise industrial thermometers. Their product selection includes popular thermometers for food service, HVAC, petro-chemical, education and many others. They also manufacture custom thermocouple, thermistor and RTD probes designed just for the application. They also offer repair, custom modification, private labeling, custom imprinting, calibration and certification of most products.

  19. ThermoWorks (USA)
    New outlet for Fast digital Thermometers, Type K thermocouples, digital meat thermometers, thermistor sensor probes, temperature loggers, thermocouple probes, infrared thermometers, HACCP food service safety thermometers and more.

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