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Humidity and dewpoint temperature device vendors supply a wide range of equipment for the many types of conditions under which the parameters need to be measured. Below is a listing arranged by type of sensor. Recall, here we are focusing on those uses commonly understood as moisture levels in gaseous media, e.g., air, combustion gases, process gases.

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  • Chilled Mirror Dewpoint Meters
    Cosa Instrument
    Models MBW.-accuracies claimed to be better than 0.2C
    Claimed accuracies to 0.2C.
    General Eastern
    The Humidity Experts See their site to get the General Eastern Humidity Handbook-loaded with lots of useful details and technical tables-like vapor pressure of water vs temperature .
    Kahn Instruments, Inc.
    Two and three stage Optical devices with accuracies claimed to 0.1C.

  • Other Types of Dewpoint Meters
    Meaco (UK)
    The Home of Humidifiers, Damp & Humidity Monitoring and Control.

    Vaisala Inc.
    Producer of a wide variety of unique RH and Dewpoint meters based on their special sensing technology for portable, on-line, calibration, low temperatures, high temperatures and metrology as well as industry.

  • Hygrometers

  • Aluminum Oxide Relative Humidity Sensors
    Cosa Instrument
    Makers of a wide range of Industrial Moisture Sensors and Instruments based on Aluminum Oxide Technology .

    General Eastern
    The Humidity Experts


  • Plastic Relative Humidity Sensors

    Vaisala Inc
    Humidity sensors based on thin-film capacitance for many uses. Inc.

  • Other Sensors for Moisture in Gases
    Amatek Process Instruments, Div.

    CSC Scientific Company Inc.

    Dewcon Humidity Sensors (USA & Germany)
    Dewcon is a process instrumentation company specializing in unique capacitance moisture sensors, analyzers, meters, hygrometers and probes for on-line humidity and dewpoint measurement and control in drying, chemical and pharmaceutical applications including high temperatures and very dirty processes.

    High accuracy, high resolution multiple channel instruments for measurement of temperature and/or humidity. Instruments connect to a PC via RS232 serial port or USB and are accompanied
    by a versatile Windows software package for display, plotting and logging of temperature and/or humidity. Built in calibration Wizard enables user calibration of temperature and humidity probes for highly accurate measurements.

    GOW-MAC Instrument Company
    Moisture Analyzers

    JLC International (USA)
    A U.S.A. based dynamic master distributor marketing specialty European humidity, temperature and other instrumentation products for the control, measurement and test market places.

    Precon, Inc.
    Humidity Sensors, RTDs and NTC Thermistors available in standards or custom probes. Precon also designs and builds controllers and can provide turnkey sensing and control solutions.

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